How a handful of Manizalitas managed to make 158 refrigerators an hour – Business – Economy

Manufacturing 3,800 refrigerators a day, an average of 158 per hour, shouldn’t be an easy task, especially when six out of 10 of these major household appliances are sold in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and many other Central American countries. High standards of quality, efficiency and savings. Reaching these levels of production and commitment has a … Read more

The price of the dollar today: the beginning of the day with a rebound of 60 pesos – the financial sector – the economy

After the drop recorded on Monday of this week, the dollar rate on the Colombian interbank market closed its second exchange day in August with an advance of more than 67 pesos, compared to the usual rate ruling on Tuesday of 4245.99 pesos. In fact, the average rate at which the US currency was traded … Read more

The fifth largest airline was born in the United States

Recently American Airlines JetBlue Airways Agree to buy Spirit Airlines for $ 3800 million, which led to the creation of Fifth largest airline United State. In order to proceed, the deal must first be approved by that country’s antitrust regulators. The announced agreement was the culmination of The “war” of offers that lasted for monthsIt … Read more

stagnation | What is called this word – sectors – the economy

With economic output in the United States falling for the second consecutive quarter, there are still fears that the country will enter a recession. he is It has become a buzzword, but what is ‘stagnation’? In the first trimester of pregnancy Gross Domestic Product (GDP, the sum of all that is produced within a country) … Read more

The dollar: this is how the high currency rate affects the pockets of Colombians – sectors – the economy

The dollar’s rally around the world against other currencies, which began in June due to mounting fears of a recession in the US and the rest of the world, has been strongly felt in Colombia since the early days of July. In the first half of the month, the currency reached historic levels, reaching 4627.4 … Read more

Learn about the effects on the markets due to high inflation in the United States – sectors – the economy

The record level for the past four decades at which the variance in Americans’ cost of living, at 9.1 percent, Increasing analysts’ fears that at the next meeting of the US Central Bank (Federal Reserve), a new historical rise in its reference price will be chosen in the market to contain this rise in prices.which … Read more

The couple who found an athletic crack in the lottery and won millions – America – International

Knowing the winning lottery numbers is the dream of many. But a retiree proved that it can be useful to know the basic arithmetic and to read the finer details in the quizzes. Jerry Selby and his wife Marge have earned dozens and dozens of winning tickets from two US lotteries over the course of … Read more

The three Latin American countries that suffered the worst devaluations of their currency in 2022 against the dollar | Finance | Economie

While uncertainty about the economic future sweeps the globe, the dollar continues to gain strength against other currencies. And some of the largest economies of Latin America are no exception. Argentina, Chile and Colombia are the three countries that have suffered the worst devaluations so far this year against the dollar. On the other hand, … Read more

The dollar passes over the euro for the first time in history – the financial sector – the economy

For the first time, since the euro was issued as a currency in the European Union, the dollar exceeded its price and settled at 0.98: that is, each dollar equals 0.98 euro cents. At about 9 am this Friday, the euro-dollar rate rose to 0.99 euro cents, and then fell again to 0.98. (Read also: … Read more