How to read deleted messages from my contacts

As usual, with the new Updates In industry-leading application software instant message and indisputable popularity all over the world, The WhatsApp The new surprises are expected to improve the user experience of its users, as they are already waiting in the latest state to finally be able to edit messages that have already been sent … Read more

Reasons not to hide the time of your last connection

The huge popularity of the mobile messaging app that cannot be missing from the smartphone, The WhatsAppbecause of many things, from the ease of allowing you to communicate with your contacts without the need for airtime at a particular moment, where it is enough to have Mobile data or Wi-Fi connection To keep in touch … Read more

WhatsApp is revamped with surveys in group chats

Technology Company Clients The WhatsAppwhich like Social networks Facebook and Instagram Part of the company GoalShe has been waiting all this year for a special job targeting group chat And that other companies in the mobile application sector instant message How cable It is already enabled. WhatsApp, which is the most popular in the world … Read more

WhatsApp | What does the green dot next to your conversations mean | Smart phones | Mobile phones | Android | Applications | nda | nnni | sports game

The WhatsApp About to update. The app has reported that it is not only testing communities in some countries around the world but is also testing the option to remove ‘internet’ and ‘writing’ for life. However, in recent days, some users have noticed a strange detail in their conversations: it’s the green dot on the … Read more

How to know who is spying on your WhatsApp chats – MAG.

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How do you know if someone else is looking at your WhatsApp – MAG.

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Whatsapp: This is the trick to read deleted messages

One of the jobs that attracted the most attention within it The WhatsApp is that power delete messages It was sent, something that many use in their conversations when they make a mistake or regret writing something. Since its inception, there have been two ways in which you can delete message inside The WhatsAppthe first … Read more

How do I disable notifications on my WhatsApp Web

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What are QR Notifications

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