Putin’s combative speech declaring the end of the US “unipolar world” (and describing sanctions against Russia as “crazy and reckless”)

Drafting BBC News World 4 hours image source, Reuters For Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, the era in which the United States dominated the world is over. On Friday, the Russian President appeared at Economic Forum Held in St. Petersburg and questioned Washington’s power against other countries in the world. He wondered: “The United … Read more

The tourist wore almost all the clothes in his bags to avoid paying a fine – people – culture

A tourist made the unusual decision to avoid paying for excess baggage before boarding a flight to Bogota, Colombia, that departed from Ezeiza International Airport, Argentina. The episode was witnessed by dozens of passengers and shared by a Twitter user. The photos were posted by Santiago Tore Walsh, better known as “Sir Chandler,” an Argentine … Read more

Petro and Rodolfo | Colombia presidential elections

Both winners. Both populists. Both represent “change”. Both counties. Both are self-confident. Petro because he had a successful political career, he was already a presidential candidate and mayor of Bogotá; The preference for winning the presidency at the polls led to the second round tie in the race. Rodolfo, the engineer, is how people know … Read more

They imposed 23 years in prison on those involved in the murder of Prosecutor Marcello Picci

Four of the five involved in the murder of Paraguayan Prosecutor Marcelo Pecchi, which took place on the island of Baro (Bolivar) on May 10, during their honeymoon and in front of his pregnant wife, were sentenced to 47 years in prison, after a hearing. It took place on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 17, … Read more

Only in euros and cash: this is how the Spanish consulate will handle the procedures in Cuba

The Consulate of Spain in Havana who – which Starting next Friday, July 1 The consular fee that people have to pay at that institution in Euros will be in cash only. In an update of these prices released on Friday by the diplomatic representation, it clarified that only the specified amount can be collected, … Read more

The former Russian captain has criticized Putin for invading Ukraine and fears for his life: “They might kill me for these words.”

The Russian national team during the World Cup in Brazil The context in Eastern Europe continues to be limited. Restless Russian invasion of Ukraine and the heads of France, Emmanuel MacronAnd from Romania Klaus Johannes; German Chancellor, Olaf Schulzethe head of the Italian government, Mario Draghiunexpectedly to the scene to visit the destroyed city IrbineOn … Read more

Presidential debate: Public channels awaiting contract request – Santander – Colombia

After accepting the participation of the presidential candidates Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernandez From finding themselves in a debate after the court ruling, Televisión Regional del Oriente (TRO) has started broadcasting Logistic planning for the meeting Who will be in Bucaramanga. (You may be interested: What is behind the appearance of bodies in black bags … Read more