Nail fungus: symptoms and treatment

A fungal infection of the toenail can start from athlete’s foot. It is rare to get an infection from another person. Photo: shutterstock. Fungal nail disease is common and begins as a white or yellow spot under the tip of the nail or toenail. As the fungal infection deepens, the fungus can cause the nail … Read more

The ‘combined’ approach to depression and family psychiatry

Rafael Angel Castro Jimenez and Javier de Diego Adelinho. patient with major depression It is usually first detected in primary care and, according to the current model, is subsequently referred to mental health services. However, doctors want “Remove” this structure Adhering to a joint approach with psychiatric professionals ensures continuity of care for the patient. … Read more

“The best medicine is prevention”

Madrid, 10 (European press) Dr. Maria Reyes García de la Fuente, dermatologist at Vithas Lleida, noted that although there is a genetic predisposition, the risk factor for skin cancer is light exposure, which is why she emphasized that “the best medicine is prevention.” The expert expressed this recommendation on the occasion of World Skin Cancer … Read more

Meliá Submits Its Wellness Suggestion ‘Cancer Wellness’ • Online Plus

Punta Cana, d.– With the aim of staying at the forefront of wellness trends, Grupo Meliá has decided to form part of the international “Wellness for Cancer” initiative through the Yhi Spa Health Programme, which aims to create a bridge with the medical community in order to facilitate self-care and offer better lifestyle choices for … Read more

Hypothyroidism The main cause of uncontrolled TSH is non-adherence to treatment

Compliance assessment is more cost-effective. Dr. Michelle Mangoal, an endocrinologist and part of the Puerto Rican Society of Endocrinology and Diabetes (SPED). Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health. A study based on the evaluation of a series of cases showed that non-adherence to treatment for hypothyroidism, as well as malabsorption of the drug, and … Read more

Doctor shortage: UPV is open to increasing places in medicine, although the procedure won’t alleviate the physician shortage in the short term

UPV College of Medicine and Nursing. University President Eva Ferreira will analyze the needs with Usakiditza but warns that the increase in student numbers will not lead to the health system “for another 10 years”. The UPV/EHU is open to analyze the potential expansion of places for medical students to try to mitigate the need … Read more