Alejandro Spitzer and Shannon de Lima were spotted as a married couple

The actor and model made their relationship known little by little (Images: Gettyimages) Alejandro Spitzer and Shannon de Lima They started their romance far from the limelight, however, they have left their fans some clues to indicate that they were together, and they recently confirmed their relationship through Instagram stories and this time, They are … Read more

Shannon de Lima was photographed from the balcony and received thousands of compliments

Shannon from Lima He is going through one of his best moments on a personal level. The influencer is in a relationship with Mexican actor Alejandro Spitzer. Although everything was a secret at first, they no longer sought to hide the photos and post them together. Without going any further, they were together at the … Read more

Will the ex-William Levy indirectly respond to the actor’s sad message?

Elizabeth Gutierrez also released a mysterious message after her split to: Pauline flowers mayo. 20. 2022 Mezcaliente The ex-William Levy indirectly responds to the actor’s sad message Add us to your home screen to visit us easier and faster Add Almost half a year after the controversial announcement of their separation, William Levy and Elizabeth … Read more

Vicente Fernandez paid $4 million to the woman who allegedly had a child: why?

Merle Uribe is one of the actresses who claims to have had an affair with the late singer Vicente FernandezDescribes what he had “The Charro of Huentitan” Circa 1980 and 1981, which were so close together that many are known secrets. The star made his location known around Information Which they released in the new … Read more

Paulina Rubio stopped the concert and confirmed that one of the security guards touched her inappropriately

I wrote in Famous The 20/5/2022 4:22 PM Paulina Rubio in the middle of her “Perrísimas” tour where she shares the stage with Alejandra Guzmán. During one of her last performances, the singer had to turn off the music to accuse one of her guards of touching her inappropriately. According to journalist Rosario Morita of … Read more

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: Depp reacts when they reveal a voice telling him Amber Heard “Junkie Johnny”

Johnny Depp sounded like he was making fun of an audio clip of Amber Heard saying “Junkie Johnny” [“Johnny drogadicto”] It was played in court during the ex-couple’s multi-million dollar defamation trial. Heard stood on Monday for the third day of testimony as the trial resumed after a week-long break. She told the court how … Read more

The day Valentin Elisaldi got upset with Terrible Morales

The fame that some boxers achieve causes them to engage in personalities from multiple fields, sometimes to go a little further, as happened with Eric Morales “Terrible” s Jose Angel Ledesma Quintero, El Coyotea regional Mexican music singer. that relationship The former Mexican hero to live a certain episode in which he was similar with … Read more

Isn’t it forbidden? Azcárraga reveals what Derbez wants from Televisa

Midtime Opening Mexico City / 05.20.2022 17:34:31 comments Eugenio Derbez From what Banned on Televisa Their criticism of the Mayan train project received a strong response from Emilio Azcarragawho got rid of it with him Phrases full of irony recalled by some characters in the comic. Paula Rojas interview with Derbez In it, they spoke … Read more

Emilio Azcárraga responds to Eugenio Derbez over Televisa’s veto

“NetaEugenioDerbez Before you say you’re banned, ask me, caon. Otherwise I’ll think you’re not an ordinary guy. Hear me no, don’t hear me. What you announced about your supposed veto on televisa was appalling” Emilio Azcarraga through your account Twitter. Network Tweet embedBefore you say you’re forbidden, ask me, Coon. Otherwise, I would think that … Read more