How much is a dollar worth in Colombia on August 13?

Over the weekend, international markets continue to work to be able to face inflation Because of the various problems that happen in the world, because of that, the global economy is going through hard times. However, within Latin America, Colombia It continues to deal with the devaluation of its currency, but despite this, the US … Read more

The price of the dollar today, August 13: the exchange rate in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua …

On Friday, the dollar closed with losses against the Mexican pesoa currency that reached its highest level since June, buoyed by expectations that the Federal Reserve will be less aggressive in interest rate increases, as inflation in July was lower than expected. This week, the Ministry of Labor announced that Year-on-year inflation rate decreased from … Read more

◉ BLUE dollar TODAY: price and pricing for August 12th – heading to Tokyo

◉ BLUE dollar TODAY: August 12 price and priceHeading to Tokyo The dollar today: How much is the official trading in banks on Saturday, August 13ththe historian Dollar Today: How Much Did It Close On Friday 12th Blue Dollar: How much did it trade at the end of Friday, August 12th | Dolarhoy.comdollar today … Read more

We clarify the most common doubts

Since last August 4, 2022, a The new exchange market in Cuba to Selling Dollars and Other Currencies the state by the population. In addition, on Tuesday, August 9, a Exchange operations at ATMs and point-of-sale terminals, as well as bank windows and cadecas. Resolutions No. 126/2022 and No. 127/2022 of the Central Bank of … Read more

Who will pay their $650,000 for $1 coin?

On a daily basis, it varies Coins s banknotes which were found inconspicuously in the pocket when counting the pieces necessary to cover the various sums provided that their sum gives the appropriate number or significantly exceeds the sum of Transaction to change and terminate the process. That’s why Bank of Mexico (Banxico) supplies the … Read more

The Russian economy will go back four years in three months due to US and European sanctions

Russia’s wealth generation will shrink 4.7% year-on-year in the second quarter as a result of the invasion of Ukraine, a war campaign that began on February 24 and continues to develop. The response of Western countries was based on a series of sanctions that “suffocate” the country’s income under the leadership of Vladimir Putin. In … Read more

The price of the dollar today, Saturday, this is how the exchange rate woke up

Today Saturday 12 August 2022 a Dollar prices At 19.8485 pesos per unit with real-time downtrend. According to the latest report of BanxicoYesterday, the dollar closed at 19.8466 pesos per unit. The price of the dollar in banks Mexicans: Bank of MexicoBuy: $19.8466 – Sell: $19.8466 HSBC: Buy: $19.17 – Sell: $19.86 Panamax: Buy: $19.75 … Read more

This will be the new flight of Cuba Airlines

The Colombian airline Wingo will make a new tours roads Starting next September to connect new tourist destinations. The first direct flights will depart from Panama City to Havana As of next month, as confirmed by the authorities of Copa Holding, a subsidiary of the airline. Other flights will also connect Panama City with Santo … Read more