the team

Renault Borini He is one of the leading Swiss experts in the field of digital finance. He is the co-founder and CEO of Financialmedia AG, an independent media house in Zurich. In 2015, he organized the first major Finance 2.0 Crypto/Blockchain conference in Switzerland.

Roger Darren He is the Head of Blockchain Consulting at inacta AG. The topic of blockchain is the ideal field of activity for a trained banker, who has always been accompanied by his interest in technology. This subject is taught in many Swiss schools and universities.

Stefan high I realized the potential of blockchain technology and its impact on the entire financial sector early on. After starting a hedge fund and then managing assets, he is now bringing his knowledge to the still young world of blockchain as an active investor and advisor.

Raphael Bowman Lawyer and notary in Zug. Since completing his studies in 2016, he has been dealing with legal and regulatory issues related to blockchain and fintech technology. He is also a member of the Crypto Valley Association’s Regulatory Group and Working Group on Security Token Introduction.

Leon Corti Political science student in Zurich. He was immediately excited about the political and economic implications of decentralized cryptocurrencies. He has been actively following the cryptocurrency scene since 2017 and today tries to share his excitement with the readers of Crypto Valley Journal.

Gianluca Luzinger He is a computer science student at the FFHS in Zurich. In early 2020, he came into contact with the cryptocurrency industry for the first time through a friend. He is passionate about the concept and very interested in topics like Metaverse or DeFi. In order to also inspire the youth, he is trying to actively help in forming the Crypto Valley Journal.

SufiSophie Hopper Master’s student at King’s College London. In her dissertation, she works on the question of the role that blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies play in geopolitical conflicts. She brings a political and social perspective to the Crypto Valley Journal and also wants to inspire other women to get more involved in the crypto world.

Advisors / Investors

Lucas Petskart He is the CEO and Founder 21 analytics (, which develops privacy-friendly compliance software, and 21Lectures, an educational initiative that is drawing more developers into the bitcoin industry. Lucas is the President of the Bitcoin Society of Switzerland, which is the third largest Bitcoin community in the world. He is also a board member of Bitcoin ATM maker Lamassu. Lucas has been involved in Bitcoin since early 2013.