Koss closes its store in the city center of Bremen

Something is happening in one of the most prominent corners of Bremen’s pedestrian zone: Swedish clothing chain Koss is pulling out of the city center this year. As the company has now announced, it will be closing its store at the corner of Sögestrasse and Knochenhauerstrasse on December 10th.

“It is part of our brand strategy to continually review and improve our sites,” says COS Communications. It is crucial for a company to adapt to changing customer behavior in an ever-changing market. “At the same time, the long-term sustainable growth of the brand must be ensured.”

The shop’s owner, Bremen real estate developer Müller & Bremermann, was surprised by the plans. “We can’t say anything about what Cos will do with the business,” says company spokesman Daniel Gunter. There is a lease in place – for a longer period of time. Recently there have been conversations with Koss. There was no extractor in the room.

Brand in the H&M group

Cos, which debuted in 2007 as an independent brand within the Swedish H&M group, opened its Bremen location five years ago. “We are delighted to become part of the historic city of Bremen and to continue our journey with ‘Cos’ in Germany,” said managing director Marie Honda at the time at the opening in the Hanseatic City. The Marc O’Polo fashion chain was previously located in the building.

The end of the COS site is now in the middle of the Christmas business. In recent years, a few shops – some very traditional – have pulled out of Bremen: including bed house Wührmann am Brill, Roland’s clothing and Meineke’s shoe store. At the same time, the building, economics and chamber of commerce departments are trying to make the city center more attractive with the joint “Centrum Bremen 2030+” strategy. Players such as coffee heir Christian Jacobs are also committed to making Bremen bright again.

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