The price of the dollar today, September 23, the peso is losing the week

Today, Friday, September 23, 2022 AD dollar quotes At 20.1995 per unit with an upward trend in real time. According to a report BanxicoThe peso is losing 28.84 cents in the exchange rate to settle at 20.2324 pesos per unit against the interbank spot dollar. On this day, the value of the Mexican peso depreciated.

On a weekly basis, the local currency posted losses of 14.90 cents compared to its previous Thursday close (20.0834), according to the Banxico register, which was closed last Friday due to a national holiday.

According to economist Gabriella Seller, on this last day of the week, the pound sterling has fallen to its worst level in 37 years after the announcement of reforms in Great Britain that include tax cuts and could continue to do so. It drops to parity with the North American dollar as financial markets expect that point to be reached this year.

The price of the dollar in banks Mexicans:

  • Bank of MexicoBuy: $20.2324 – Sell: $20.2324
  • HSBC: Buy: $19.36 – Sell: $20.10
  • Panamax: Buy: $19.56 – Sell: $20.67
  • Bancomer Bank: Buy: $19.84 – Sell: $20.73
  • my panorty: Buy: $19.06 – Sell: $20.44
  • Scotiabank: Buy: $19.78 – Sell: $20.56
  • Ninth: Buy: $19.06 – Sell: $20.45
  • Baguio Bank: Buy: $19.59 – Sell: $20.70
  • Monks: Buy: $19.68 – Sell: $20.21
  • Azteca Bank: Buy: $20.16 – Sell: $20.90
  • Inbursa: Buy: $19.62 – Sell: $20.61
  • Santander: Buy: $19.53 – Sell: $21.08
  • exchange: Buy: $19.6790 – Sell: $20.7200
  • Banregio: Buy: $19.09 – Sell: $20.80

As for the Bitcoinis currently at $1,8805.5 with a real-time downtrend.

We recommend that you read the dollar price today, Friday, as the peso decline is recorded

Referring to euroIt is priced at $19.57, compared to $21.91 from Sterling pound general average.

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