This is what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning

The Earth It’s spinning faster and faster, and scientists don’t know why. On June 29, 2022, it completed a rotation in 1.59 milliseconds under 24 hours. While the scientific community is studying the cause of this increase in its speed, let’s answer a well-known question: What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning? would assume a A huge catastrophe over most of the planet’s surface.


Before going into detail about the consequences of this sudden stop of the planet, it is important to remember these characteristics of the Earth:

  • Is it The third planet in the solar system and the fourth in size
  • It is the only one capable of supporting life.
  • It is a rocky planet with a solid surface and a liquid metal core.
  • this is It consists of a set of layers More dense as it approaches the nucleus: Lithosphere (shape bark and the upper mantle,) Earth’s mantle (The upper part which is Acinosphere) nucleus (divided between pulp external and the internal).
  • It periodically performs two movements: rotation (rotating on its axis) and translation (moving along the heliocentric).

Earth has The rotation speed is 1770 km/h at the equator and 0 km/h at the poles. If the blue planet suddenly stops everything Living things and things on Earth will be launched into the air, without reaching space. All that element that has not been combined with the rock milk will be expelled. So, yes, trees, buildings, and even rocks will fly through the air at high speed.

In addition, because of this sudden braking of the planet Earthquakes and tsunamis will happen. a) yes, The oceans will move towards the poles and the water will separate into two huge bodies Moreover, as a result of this water movement A giant continent will form at the equator.

If the Earth stops rotating, there will always be one side of the planet where it will always be day and another where it will always be night, because it will continue to revolve around the Sun but not on its axis. So it will be Half a year by day and half a year by night. In the Just point on the ground where you can live, In theory, it will be in A small aurora band between the two halves of the planet.

Besides, already There will be no classes The weather will also change. There will be no hurricanes but more deserts, there will be no northern lights and the blue planet will lose, among other things, protection against cosmic rays and electromagnetic storms from the sun. Thus, the loss of this magnetic field means that life on the planet cannot resist stellar radiation. Of course, as they indicated from NASA, where they published a detailed study of this information, they assure that the options for this to happen are almost non-existent in the next billion years.

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