Dollar price in Colombia today, September 23, exchange rate and value in Colombian peso

The representative market exchange rate (TRM) corresponds to the simple arithmetic mean Weighted rates of purchase and sale of United States dollars against Colombian legal currency. TRM can be consulted daily on the site Or in the mobile application in Colombian dollars.

Currently Colombia’s Financial Supervisory Authority He who calculates and validates the TRM daily Based on transactions recorded on the immediately preceding business day. This entity is a technical body of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, which has legal status, administrative and financial independence and its own assets.

The price of the dollar in Colombia on September 23, 2022 reached its lowest level in more than a week (Since September 13 2022). The exchange rate increased by 14.22% (545.14 pesos) compared to the same day a year earlier, but decreased by 0.44% (19.36 pesos) compared to the same day in the previous month.

Compare the dollar in Colombia

According to the Financial Supervisory Authority of Colombia, The price of the dollar in Colombia on Friday was 4379.80 Colombian Pesos.

  • Reached its lowest level in more than a week (From Tuesday 13 September 2022).
  • Compared to the previous day: It fell 24.02 pesos, which is a decrease of 0.55%.
  • In front of me Same day the previous week: down 0.56% (24.84 pesos).
  • In front of me To the same day of the previous month: reduced by 0.44% (19.36 pesos).
  • In front of me On the same day the previous year: rose 14.22%. (545.14 pesos).

How is the oil in Colombia?

West Texas Intermediate fell below $80 a barrel on Friday for the first time since January. It is heading for a fourth week of decline. this week, The Fed has given the clearest signal yet that it is prepared to withstand a recession in the US. As compensation for bringing inflation back under control, the UK, Norway and South Africa also raised interest rates.

According to statements obtained by The Republic, John Kilduff, co-founder of Again Capital, said, “Fears of a hard landing for the US economy and throughout the global economy are making their way into the system.. Kilduff explained that using interest rates as “a sledgehammer for the global economy” can significantly reduce economic activity.

The price of a barrel of Brent oil, the reference for Colombia, recorded 89.90 dollars, with a loss of some +0.56 USD (+0.62%) compared to the previous close of the Brent price on the European stock exchange ICE (delivery in November 2022). Along the same lines, The price of a barrel of West Texas Intermediate crude oil is $83.06lost -0.43 USD (-0.52%) against the previous close of the price of WTI on the New York Stock Exchange (delivery in November 2022).

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