Small pick-up SVH Tundar

From the Chinese we can expect almost anything. From high-tech electric cars to devices like this: the SVH Tundar, a “miniature version” of the Toyota Tundra.

If there is one vehicle that inspires desire in many truck lovers, it is a car The next generation of Toyota Tundra. Released in 2022, this powerful and massive pickup Designed for North America market He has a large following because, in addition to being compatible with the prototype of a “full-size” truck, Enjoy Toyota Quality and Reliability.

Perhaps, from there, to the manufacturer Chinese car axle (SVH) based in Hong Kong It was a good idea to do a pickup truck looks like a ‘mini version’ from this model. The result couldn’t be more curious…to say the least.

his name is SVH Tendar (actually “Tundaa”), A pickup truck with a “face” from the Tundra which will go on sale in China before the end of 2022. Obviously, It has big differences With a pickup truck from the Japanese, they go way beyond their size.

SVH Tundra, a Chinese clone of Toyota Tundra

This is the “Chinese version” of the Toyota Tundra

Judging from their various social media posts, Sino Vehicle Hub’s intention is to sell SVH Tundar not only in China, but also Being able to export to all over the world. For this reason, it announces in detail many of its specifications that it deals with You can see the huge differences With tundra posing simulator.

Thus, the “Chinese version” of the Toyota Tundra has a small engine Isuzu 1.0 Liter Three Cylinder Gasolinewhose benefits have not been declared, but are linked to 5-speed manual gearbox front wheel drive. In addition, up The maximum speed is 100 km / h! And rolls on 13 inch wheels with plastic cups.

It also has some convenience elements, and is obviously very simple, like Air conditioning and reverse camera. But the most curious detail, in addition to the front copied from Toyota Tundra, is The back door that doesn’t say “Tundar” but “Tundra”. In short, a rude copy.

SVH Tundra, a Chinese clone of Toyota Tundra


SVH Tundra, a Chinese clone of Toyota Tundra

Who does it cost?

According to Sino Vehicle Hub, SVH Tundar will be sold to the international market FOB price is 6000 USDan amount equivalent to About 26.5 million pesos Colombians. Which will cost about 15 to 20 Toyota Tundras.

So this pickup truck Joins an already long list of “clones” The Chinese auto industry has made many globally recognized cars. There are many examples, such as Shandong P8 which emulates the Bugatti ChironAnd Hanteng Xingfu e + and Toyota Yaris inspired by Jaguar, and even a model Ora Punk / Ballet Catsimilar to the venerable Volkswagen Beetle.

But realistically, if we put a real 2022 Toyota Tundra next to the SVH Tundar, That last one would look sillyat least.

You may be interested: this is a very cheap “Chinese version” of the Bugatti Chiron, the Shandong P8.

Oscar Julian Restrepo Mantella. Source: Sino Vehicle Hub.

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