Plane makes emergency landing at Newark Airport, New Jersey

A United Airlines plane bound for Sao Paulo, Brazil, with about 250 passengers on board, made an emergency landing at the airport. NewarkNew Jersey early Thursday morning.

The cause of the landing was a mechanical failure of the plane, and so far no major injuries or inconveniences have been reported.

In the video posted on social media by a traveler who was at the airport, it was seen how parts of the plane and sparks fell after the flight took off. The plane had to fly over the area for about an hour and a half to burn off fuel and land.

After the incident, the airline indicated that the plane encountered problems shortly after taking off from the terminal.

The failure of the aircraft appears to be related to a hydraulic pump that operates parts such as the landing gear and flaps.

“distance an airport Having a mechanical problem shortly after takeoff, it remained airborne to burn fuel, then landed safely. Passengers disembark at the boarding gate and a new gate an airport “It is scheduled to depart this morning,” the airline said.

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