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New technologies are able to predict specific events and create hypothetical scenarios thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). This tool is used by some companies to generate images of the future and life on other planets.

On TikTok, one account uses the results of a research lab that uses an AI program called MidJourney. The application contains a file bot A machine that produces the images that people demand.

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In the social network profile the user “robotoverloards” has shared all the creations of MidJourney. The photos were a huge success and the channel has already received more than eight million “likes”.

One of the most beloved publications were the pictures of the end of the world. Netizens have asked the AI ​​tool to create snapshots of what it might have looked like last Photograph Taken before the planet was destroyed.

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The program achieved the desired and revealed a series of images of the moment. Although it does not specify the year, skull faces can be seen in the midst of chaos and destruction.

In the background, you can see entire cities on fire, a few people, disfigured faces and victims of some kind of attack. One of the images shows an explosion and a plane falling while the earth is in ruins.

The TikTok account has already posted four videos with apocalypse images.


TikTok: robotoverloards

How does this technology work?

MidJourney is part of an artificial intelligence project led by an independent lab. For this reason, some claim that the images it produces can be exaggerated.

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The program has not been officially launched yet and is still in its beta phase. however, It is now open to the public and internet users who want to try out the image creator.

To use it, users who wish to do so have to enter the Discord page and write what they want to produce. The sentence must be detailed and be in English. Within 60 seconds, the AI ​​tool will present four images of the result.

MidJourney became relevant after British magazine “The Economist” used the software to make a cover for one of its June 2022 issues.

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