The grave mistake passengers make in hand luggage and little notice, says flight attendant

Frequent flyers always have tips they’ve learned from experience, from how to get the best seats and the cheapest airline tickets, to some strategies for maximizing comfort even if you choose economy class. However, it is the airline’s crews and employees who know the real secrets, and from time to time they decide to reveal someone about their private cabins or how to get a free premium seat change. On this occasion, the hostess participated The big mistake passengers make when storing their luggage.

Often, when buying a ticket for a short-distance move, travelers give priority to the price before carrying extra baggage and decide not to check it. Others prefer to avoid wasting time at their destination while waiting for their bag to slip off the belt, while others avoid the inconvenience of being told by the airline that their baggage has gone missing. In these cases, passengers choose to carry a personal bag and the hand luggage that accompanies them in the cabin.

However, there are many who choose this alternative and end up with the overhead lockers of the plane full. A flight attendant revealed what went wrong when accommodating bags, as airlines discovered this trend and started making larger compartments, but customers didn’t notice the difference and didn’t change the way they stack their belongings.

Travel + Leisure quotes Heather Paul, flight attendant and writer, as saying, “If you’re lucky enough to find yourself on a plane with the newest and tallest containers, you can put them on wheels first, but on one side.”

Another tip from aviation professionals is not to wrap the bags in plastic. Photo: Unsplash

United Airlines confirmed that it has changed the shape of the lockers, meaning that there is more space available for others to add their bags. In a TikTok video that went viral last year, the American company showed its followers the right way to make the most of the space. Like Heather, instead of laying the bag flat, it is advisable to turn it on its side.

Susanna Carr, a flight attendant at a major US airline, told the Wall Street Journal that there is a learning curve, especially for infrequent travelers. They trust regular travelers to set standards for other travelers to do the same.

However, the flight attendant emphasized that she receives funny looks when she turns the bags on their side, because the passengers always claim that the cabin door will not close.

Another additional detail about handbags is that bags or jackets should not be placed in this place, but rather under the seat.

In case you prefer checking your luggage, another airline worker said it should never be wrapped in plastic, as that offered at airports can cause bags and boxes to get stuck on conveyor belts.

Why choose the handbag?

The Wall Street Journal asserted that the impetus for this change was because major US airlines realized that travelers were choosing hand luggage, so they increased the area’s area to accommodate it. They noted that in the case of American Airlines, checked baggage has decreased by 30% since larger containers were installed on 80% of aircraft.


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