Credit Bureau, do I have a letter of credit key if I restructure my debt?

The The credit bureau is a credit information society (SIC), any private company whose function is to collect and manage data financial products that are awarded in the country, as well Payment behavior They are reported by authorized persons at the time of fulfillment of the obligations they have received.

You see, it’s more than simple Black list From people who owe, because all the information out there is reflected, not only debt, but also when you worry about being an excellent debtor stay up to date by being on time with your monthly payments as agreed from the start.

But in case of debt problems, you should also know that a series of keys may appear on your phone private credit reportwhat does it consist of? Balance history And that they can tarnish your image as a potential customer in front of the banks in case you later want to apply for a loan or credit card. An example is LC keywhich is an indication that you have restructured Debt with removal.

With keys like these, the financial institution can make its own decision on whether or not it is appropriate to lend you money, because it allows it to draw its conclusions about whether you have an adequate credit history. In this sense, the LC switch can lock doors for some Finance Or, in any case, make future credits more expensive with a higher interest rate to counter this risk that the credit you represent, depending on your background, which can also lower your rating in result.

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Since it can be inferred that there is a risk to the bank that you will default or have resolved debts with a razor in the past, it is possible that the entity may simply choose to reject your application.

This is because finding this concept in history will give the idea that you used a discount, to negotiate a payment of less than you had to pay, in order for the debt to be considered closed at once.

In particular, if this notation is accompanied in your credit history with an extension key 97 You will be informed that not only have you resorted to that mechanism to settle the debt, and part of it has been waived, but that you have drawn on that debt for twelve months before.

Regarding the deduction itself, it is important to know that it is an agreement reached between the debtor and the creditor, whereby the latter gives a discount on the total amount as long as the delinquent person covers the amount and the matter remains closed.

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This can be a huge relief right now, but the organization’s loss of money to help you get out of debt does not go unnoticed and you may see more inconveniences in the future. Therefore, you can better communicate with your creditor as soon as possible to propose debt restructuring And find a solution so you can take over the payments and settle the full amount you owe to avoid the negative effects of owning this key.

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