The secret to keeping your leather clothes or furniture looking like new

We all have that favorite and unique dress in the closet, that we feel is unique and has one-of-a-kind style. Beautiful, elegant and authentic mine leather jacket. However, although it has been chemically prepared and manufactured to be flexible, strong and not deteriorate over time, it is no secret that cleaning and maintaining these materials requires Special care to avoid losing its original appearance.

No matter what surface of the leather you want to clean, whether it is The upholstery of a sofa, car seat, shoes, bags, or a piece of clothingIt is necessary to know how to care for it to maintain its natural texture and shine for a long time. In this article we tell you How to properly clean the leather With a homemade trick, effective, safe and simple. You wouldn’t want to use any other method!

How to properly clean leather: 5 steps

Leather is a material made from the skin of a variety of animals, including: Sheep, goats and cattleHowever, the method of cleaning in general is very similar, and so bad that when I had my first leather garments, I didn’t have the knowledge I have now, and didn’t know an essential piece of information to reveal to you: The skin is not washed, it is cleaned.

And therefore, Regular maintenance is the key So that your leather goods have a very long useful life. Simple negligence will make it dry, lose its characteristic shine, get dirty faster, and worst of all: a disgusting smell will fall on it. So be careful and follow this Steps to clean colored skin Quickly and easily:

  1. Elimination of dust layerFirst of all, vacuum or wipe with a soft cloth to remove all dust and dirt from the surface. This will prevent it from staining when wet and making it difficult to remove. This applies to leather upholstery, car seats, shoes or clothing.
  2. Create a solution using household products to clean the skin: Natural allies are the best option, as they are harmless and affordable. To prepare it, you must mix 100 ml of distilled water with the same amount of apple cider vinegarShake well until both liquids are combined. Remember that pure vinegar can damage the skin.
  3. Clean with this cleaning solution: Dampen a microfiber cloth and rub the surface with it. Gently massage until you feel the vinegar take effect and the stubborn dirt is gone. In addition to cleaning and removing tough dirt, it will disinfect the area and neutralize unpleasant odors.
  4. Let it dry: Once you have cleaned and sanitized, run another dry cloth over the skin and allow it to dry completely in the open air, but in the shade. Do not leave it in the sun directly because it will be very aggressive and will damage the skin.
  5. Skin Refinement: If you want to polish and beautify dull skin, do so with general purpose beeswax. You just have to warm the wax a bit without letting it run and add a few drops of essential oil for the scent of your choice (my favorite is coconut oil). Dip a cloth in this mixture and gently massage the surface of the leather, remove the excess with another dry cloth, and watch how it shines!

We recommend performing this procedure in an area where Enough ventilation and light for the skin to dry well And moisture does not cause a mess. Do not forget that liquid or grease stains should be treated immediately, as the porous nature of the skin tends to absorb and stain quickly.

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