Aldi crowned his cake for the sweetest audience

Currently, outside of Mercadona or Carrefour, we have a wide market of supermarkets where we can make purchases at low prices and in high quality on all their products, and we have noticed this now more than ever. And one of those alternatives is ALDIwhich for many they are Favorite Store To buy on a daily basis because of the variety of good products with prices low costMore assorted sweets, well arranged.

However, this is reflected very well with the latest entrants to the German series, and where it has been presented in a more than successful manner on many occasions… and now it seems so too. We are talking, in this case, about a the new cake He is called to be the sensation of the kind of audience that was a revelation in his country of origin, Germany, and who chose to land in our country on the same path. the reason? What is this very original.

It’s Aldi’s cheesecake that comes across as one of their greatest hits

Because many of us love this type of cake, the most traditional is chocolate. Well, now Aldi has decided to complete their lineup with a new genre and style Born in Germany It’s superbly geared for those looking for something different… and can focus on the entire audience, as you can see. Do you dare to try it? We are sure you will be captivated.

The presentation, as you will see in the picture below, is great, so we can buy it for breakfast and if we have special food With our family or friends. Additionally, and as one of its great strengths, this delicious dessert contains fluffy texture With fruit inside, this is surprisingly enough, which makes it worth a try to discover that the traditional sweets may have a serious contender.

Fruity cheesecake takes all the accolades

Cheesecake, known as “cheesecake” in English, is one of the star cakes wherever you go. He has earned a place in world gastronomy, being able to savor countless varieties in various textures and flavours. Aldi’s version will not leave anyone indifferent, as it combines the taste of cheese and fruity touch. The mango and passion fruit, the passion fruit, manage to give it the freshness and light texture that anyone will appreciate after summer.

As such, this dessert made by Aldi not only appears with an unusual recipe, but also prevails over what can happen. Now available in all its stores across Spain, we can find this cake at a price that doesn’t reach 2.50 EURrelying on a cookie base A recipe made with free range eggs. A great flavor for all lovers of this delicious dish.

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