WhatsApp is revamped with surveys in group chats

Technology Company Clients The WhatsAppwhich like Social networks Facebook and Instagram Part of the company GoalShe has been waiting all this year for a special job targeting group chat And that other companies in the mobile application sector instant message How cable It is already enabled.

WhatsApp, which is the most popular in the world with billions of active users, has carved a special place – the first of course – among the rest of the applications in this sector, by allowing the personalization of its applications. Chats and integration of various tools that enrich the user experience such as Voice notes, photos, videos, countries, emojis, stickers as well as calls or video callsPlus, new surprises that users find in every new software update.

But this time the long-awaited job is a job Surveys In WhatsApp, which is for group chats and this in other options in the market has been implemented before.

The new feature will be tested for the first time in the beta version of the mobile app. (EFE)

In the latest renovations, users have already been heard to respond to requests for improvements such as hiding when the user is. ConnectedBut the topic of the polls has been the big absent so far.

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Feedback on WhatsApp messages was another progress, but now Meta is developing the functionality, which consists of a widget among the quick accesses of the digital platform, which launches surveys directly and collects information from among the alternatives that are offered to the participants from the chat where it is .

The progress has been announced through the specialized portal WaBetaInfo, which at the moment only lets us know that it will be a system in the style already implemented by Telegram, placing said surveys in a section of direct links that are used in the same way as when attaching a file to your chats.

Anyone in a WhatsApp group, whether from work, family, school or groups of friends, will see how practical it is to inform all participants of a topic of interest to everyone, as well as to collect useful information, but sometimes it is difficult to reach a decision among everyone, about which it will be Receive the survey function in the best way so that any community that communicates in this way can agree.

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In addition to this tool, you can also start testing the function of hiding the status of online users in a file Trial version of the mobile applicationDetails are revised before they are released to the public with a new software update as usual.

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