Millionaire investment of Grupo Sol as Mobil enters the island | Aharon

After an investment of $30 million, many petrol stations can already be seen covered in the emblematic blue color that characterizes the Mobil brand, after distributor Sol Puerto Rico Limited obtained the license to use the brand to integrate it into its network of service stations in Puerto Rico, said Pierre Magnan, President Grupo Sol.

During the past two weeks, 15 stations under the Mobil brand have been completed and they expect to complete the conversion of more than 170 stations in a three-month period.

“We are thrilled to bring the brand back to Puerto Rico and join the winning team,” said Magnan. “We are very proud to invest $30 million in Puerto Rico, which is unprecedented, to bring this brand and deliver a quality product to the people of Puerto Rico,” he added.

ExxonMobil has had a presence on the island for nearly 50 years.

According to the head of Grupo Sol, one of the company’s main drivers for making the change is to increase the competitiveness in the price of gasoline, an advantage that consumers will notice, he said.

“One of the main reasons for making this change is to be more competitive in the price of (gasoline), and to control our supply chain. This will be one of the main changes consumers will see: the higher quality, more competitively priced product,” Magnan said.

Mario Chavez, Latin America Fuel Manager for Exxon Mobil, highlighted that his product is made for racing cars and improves efficiency, reduces deposits and increases consumption.

“Our commitment is to deliver high-quality products and empower the Puerto Rican consumer with the power of choice for a technologically advanced fuel. It’s better mileage and better performance, because our products improve engine cleanliness and fuel consumption and reduce emissions to the environment,” Chavez said.

According to Magnan, of the total amount invested, more than $22 million was allocated to influence franchisees on the island to transform infrastructure and implement new technologies.

“We are proud to support our retailers with an estimated $22.5 million investment in Puerto Rico, a product quality assurance program, infrastructure and brand transformation, offering consumers innovative design with superior lighting and the confidence to fuel a display with a unique and exclusive Mobil formula at each of the brand’s stations. Mobil business,” he added.

Magnan reported that more than $7 million went to advertising the brand.

He announced that they will introduce to the island technologies that facilitate consumer transactions, such as the Mobil Speed ​​Pay app, where customers can pay for petrol without having to go to the convenience store.

They expect it to be ready by the end of this month and will add a Mobil Gas gift card later.

“It is world-class technology and we are very excited to introduce it to our retail partners. Our stations are Puerto Rican locals, and our mission is to provide them with the best brands in the world with the best quality of products,” said Grupo Sol President.

“With the introduction of Mobil stations and Synergy products in Puerto Rico, Exxon Mobil, along with Grupo Sol, is introducing an innovative fuel offering focused on consumers and their needs,” Chavez emphasized.

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