iPhone 14 – two things Apple copied from Xiaomi

Today we are transforming tortillas with copies. Having seen how Xiaomi copied the dynamic island, now it’s time to talk about a copy Apple to Xiaomi. the new iPhone 14 Pro It contains two features that have been introduced and Released by Xiaomi in the global market. They are very important for a good user experience and no, Apple didn’t invent them and they weren’t the first to implement something like this. Do you want to know what we’re talking about? We tell you everything!

There’s no denying Apple’s influence in the tech industry, although there are overlooked details that come too late for the iPhone. There are also some users who sell it as new when they have been using other devices for many years.

Xiaomi first launched a dual ambient light sensor in 2020

Apple has included a file Dual ambient light sensor In iPhone 14. The function of this sensor is to know the amount of light in the environment and to regulate the amount of screen brightness. Until now, only iPhones had such a sensor on the front. The new generation Add an extra one in the back.

This feature was first introduced in the industry by Xiaomi in 2020 With the Xiaomi Mi 10. The dual ambient light sensor allows better control of brightness in difficult situations. There have been several companies that have copied these details from Xiaomi, with Apple arriving a little late in 2022.

Xiaomi introduced dual-band GPS in 2018

It was in 2018 when Xiaomi, together with the Mi 8, was first introduced in Dual Band GPS Smartphone. This feature uses dual frequency to locate the device so that it is faster, more accurate, and fewer missed times.

It wasn’t until 4 years later when Apple decided to copy itOf course, only in its Pro models, and it seems that 1009 and 1159 euros of regular models were not enough to include this feature.

In the same way, since Xiaomi included it, many other companies have done the same. Apple decided to dramatically improve its GPS – which was already working well – in 2022.

that’s it Two advantages over iPhone 14 It was copied from Xiaomi devices a few years later. Of course, the quality that Apple does might allow things to improve the experience more than Xiaomi or other brands have done by implementing these systems.

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