Grupo Sol is betting on making Mobil the leading brand in Puerto Rico

with $30 million — including $7.5 million in advertising — Sol Puerto Rico Limited, the distributor of Mobil gasoline, is betting on turning the brand into the new market leader in Puerto Rico.

To date, Shell has been the leader, with a market share of approximately 25% and over 170 plants on the island. This command was specifically acquired under the management of Sol, a company that distributed Shell gasoline until last August 31.

“I think the game will change. We will make Mobil the leading brand in Puerto Rico,” said Pierre Magnan, president of Grupo Sol, in an interview with this newspaper.

For the first 15 days, Seol changed signs and filled tanks with Mobil fuel at 15 stations. He said that before the end of September, they hope to reach about 40 stations and complete an additional 60 stations each month during the months of October and November. Mario Chavez, Fuel Manager for Latin America at ExxonMobil.

Of the 180 Shell stations that were located on the island as of August 31, about 94 were owned by retailers, while the remaining 45% or more are owned by Seoul.

Magnan added that, At least 50 stations will be equipped with solar energy and LED lights to reduce power consumption.

When asked where the Mobil gas station is, Nanette Pagan, Director of Brand, Communications and External Affairs at Grupo Solnoted that, like most Puerto Rican gasoline distributors, Mobil does not have a terminal, but its supply continues from the Buckeye terminal in the port of Yabucoa.

However, executives made it clear The difference in fuel is in the additives that are added to the gasoline. In Mobil’s case, the additives are the same as those used in Formula 1 racing cars, according to Chavez.

“ExxonMobil racing engineers have created Mobil Synergy racing fuels for the RB18 race carimproving efficiency and reducing sludge, while maximizing every drop of fuel,” Chavez said. Noting that technological advances in the alliance with Oracle Red Bull Racing are being applied to Synergy fuels, Now available in Puerto Rico at Mobil stations.

Executives said this advanced formula protects the engine by helping clean and maintain intake valves and injectors while providing improved fuel economy, engine protection and better response. Mobil service stations will provide fuel to consumers using Synergy technology, Mobil Synergy Extra and Mobil Synergy Supreme +.

Mobil Synergy Supreme+ fuel is the most advanced product in the line, providing the consumer with better mileage and performance, and meeting the needs and preferences of the local driver, according to Grupo Sol.

To publicize the brand among motorists in the country, Grupo Sol yesterday began an advertising campaign in traditional and digital media, said Mayra Blancovich, director of category and fuel programs for Puerto Rico at Grupo Sol.

The campaign will run for over a year, and seeks to encourage consumers to switch to Mobil and trust the technology the brand offers. Also, at the end of this month, consumers will be able to start paying directly through the pumps Mobile Speed ​​Pay AppAnd then they will launch a loyalty program for customers.

The distribution company aims to have 200 Mobil stations in Puerto Rico in the next two years.

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