A mobile phone made in Cuba will cost more than 16,000 pesos

a Mobile phone made in Cuba By the Industrial Information Technology, Communications and Electronics Company (GEDEME), from September 19 at 16537 Cuban Pesos (cup).

Cell phone, call GDM-MB10He has an operating system Android 10a 6-inch HD screen, 32 GB storage and three random memory, and it will support two SIM cards, according to what the company reported on social networks.

The battery capacity is 3200 mAh and it has two cameras: the front 5 MP and the rear 8.

Its hefty price tag – which would be around $133 at the official exchange rate or $98 on the unofficial market, at the daily rate – is higher, for example, than the prices of Samsung brand cell phones or some better-featured iPhone (with 8GB of RAM). random access and 128 of capacity).

to buy cuban cell phone, Payment should be made approxthrough the platform In Zoneand must be collected in person because Home delivery will not be provided. Customers must arrive in Marianao, in Havana, to pick up cell phones.

Given the complaints and skepticism of users on social media, the manufacturer clarified that there will be no shipment to the provinces and the products will be provided “in phases” on the platform from the specified date.

Cubans in networks criticized the exorbitant price of a cell phone for its risky features. One netizen even commented on it Its price is equivalent to eight months of minimum wage.

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pronounced GEDEME since last year That they were already in the final stage of developing the first Cuban mobile phone prototype, with software and systems developed by national institutions.

At the time, the company promoted the release of three models: GDM-T22, GDM-N23, and GDM-A21L, with Android 9 operating system and significantly fewer features than the current model.

According to the official newspaper, the Cuban government continues to venture into the manufacture of mobile phones that are supposed to be adapted to the “conditions of the country”. Rebel youth Last year, when there was no infrastructure to operate this type of technology on the island.

According to the figures revealed by the telecommunications company (ETECSA) at the end of last year The number of Cuban mobile phone customers has reached seven milliona figure that represents more than half of the country’s population.

Recently, a report from World Broadband Speed ​​Association 2022 Cuba is classified as The country in Latin America and the Caribbean with the worst internet speedOnly 3 megabits per second.

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