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Meet famous presidents and singers. Long and hard working days, turning into “sexy” tips. An opportunity to save and buy your home. Extensive tours of countries such as Germany, France, Italy, the Bahamas and others.

This is how Karen Gonzalez describes her work, a 31-year-old Colombian who worked as a yacht hostess. Luxury for four years in different parts of the world.

“The stewardess (yachtsmen) is responsible for taking care of the guests, cleaning their cabins, decorating their meals on the ship, drinks, washing and caring for the clothes, cleaning the interior of the boat, and detailing everything to God’s level (of luxury) is impossible,” Gonzalez explains. .

“It is better to say, everything is always flawless, as if no one used it,” adds the young woman, a native of Sensiligo (Sucre).

Karen Gonzalez is 31 years old and was born in Cinciglio.

Gonzalez has lived in the United States for nine years. He studied Marketing and Business at Sergio Arboleda University in Santa Marta. s His passion has always been work. “I had a collection of bathing suits when I lived in Columbia and made a bunch of hair accessories; well, I’ve always wanted to be my own boss,” she says.

However, getting a stable job was not easy. I graduated from college and two years later decided to immigrate to the United States to work as a husband or au, someone who helps families with children.

He says he’s also worked “cleaning houses and dogs, painting gas stations, being a personal assistant, a receptionist, driving an Uber, you name it.”

Two years ago, she was working as a receptionist in a barbershop and at that time she started her adventure as a yacht hostess.

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Karen Gonzalez

Since 2018, Karen (left) has been a yacht hostess.

The stewardess (yacht) is responsible for taking care of the guests, cleaning their cabins, decorating their meals on the ship, drinks, laundry and taking care of the clothes

“I was a receptionist at a prestigious barbershop in Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA) And 80 percent of the clients were related to the industry, both owners and those working on yachts. One day a client started telling me about his life and it seemed different to me, I was already bored with working hours and living on every check that came in; Zero savings, zero travel, monotony. Until I decided to get in and it was the best thing I could do,” he recalls.

In her work as a hostess, dignitaries such as the President of the Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Salih attended. Politicians from all over the world; DJ Polly D, American television personality; Among other things. “I could see Marc Anthony, on his boat, which was my travel side,” he says.

Karen Gonzalez.

Karen works on this type of boat.

Karen says that thanks to this job, she has had the opportunity to travel to places she never thought she would before. Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, the East Coast of the United States, the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands, among others, are part of his travel history.

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My first experience

“In 2018, I started working on yachts in the United States. My first salary, which is base salary generally, was $3,300 and in tip it came to $9,000. Different groups rented the boat for three weeks and on average each group left $3000. In fact, one of those (the crew) invited us to lunch at a very upscale restaurant in the Bahamas. When the trip was over, they gave me an envelope with a tip and I thought we’d share it with others, but no, it was for everyone,” Gonzalez recalls with astonishment.

In her nearly five years in this job, Karen has already managed to buy her first apartment, has had the opportunity to save almost all of her paycheck, has health insurance and has 42 days off a year. “I made $12,000 in a month of renting, which is when people rent the boat,” he says, referring to the fact that it’s the best salary he’s been able to make so far.

“It is not an easy task”

I wish more people would know the opportunities out there and give themselves the chance to make money and buy what they want.

But not everything is the color of roses. The hostess explains that this job is a requirement, and days can be It lasts for months with no chance of rest.

“It’s heavy, it’s hard. There are days when you can work up to 15 hours straight. Once it occurred to me that I spent two months working every day, without a day off. It was moored in the middle of the sea, because we had COVID-19 on the ship. We couldn’t get out and we were there, in the south of France, for about two months without a day off. It’s mentally hard to live in your workplace, but it’s totally worth it,” he says.

He adds: “I hope more people will know about the opportunities abroad and give themselves the opportunity to earn money and buy what they want. It is a job that allows you to save your salary, because you live on the ship, you eat. There, and in general, you can learn about many places wonderful.”

Karen Gonzalez

Karen visited different countries around the world, including England.

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How does it work on luxury yachts?

Karen González explains that the flag of the ship or yacht, that is, the country in which it is registered, must be taken into account.

“For example, US-flagged ships can only work Americans, residents and those with a green card. But, other-flagged ships like Europe, the rest of the people can work. We Colombians don’t ask us for Schengen to work in the old continent. Actually I now have many friends who work for stints in Europe.”

Of course, he recommends that “it is important to do a yacht hostess course, which can be done in the United States.” “I would like Colombians to discover that these jobs exist and that they are abroad presenting many opportunities to move forward,” he concludes his story.

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