The biggest “trick” on the market in 20 years and how you can make money for free

Key facts:
  • The tidal wave of news of the collapse of the Chinese economy has caused panic in the market.

  • Traders should not be fooled by these “red flags” as all is not lost.

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The world ends. The Chinese economy is on the verge of collapse. The infection will spread to Europe. Selling your wives, children and kidneys, the end is here!

But before you do that, listen, because Not everything is what it seems.

We have been here several times. The truth is that instead of a bloodbath, there are some things you can do to make money in the cryptocurrency markets right now! But only those who see through smoke and mirrors can.

Remember when Elon Musk, “The Dogefather,” went on Saturday Night Live to promote DOGE as the future of cryptocurrency, only to have its price drop 30% right after that?

Well, keep that in mind as we go along.

Dogecoin is down 30% during Elon Musk’s Saturday Night Live appearance. Line: ProfitFarmers

The Big “Monsters” in the Crypto Market: China Fear and Ecstasy DXY

“Buy blood, sell ecstasy”. You have certainly heard this expression in the trading world. Let’s analyze it with critical thinking.

You are supposed to believe that “China will collapse in X days” due to a combination of the following factors:

  • COVID-19 is destroying supply chains and productivity.
  • The collapse of the real estate market (the pyramid scheme collapses).
  • Blackouts.
  • heat waves.
  • Terrifying communism.
Negative news about the Chinese economy is causing panic in the market. Line: ProfitFarmers

This kind of “news” is all over the Internet. You cannot escape from them. There are many videos and articles full of trauma revelations:

  • Real estate pyramid schemes Getting regular people heavily into debt (paying 50 times their annual income for an apartment, even before it was built!)
  • Energy inequality. Elon’s name resurfaced as Tesla was accused of hoarding electricity, while the general public and other businesses were asked to put up with potential blackouts.
  • Quarantine for COVID-19 It involves starving civilians who are allegedly unable to go out and buy food.

What are the markets doing during this time? Resorting to the dollar to escape the effects of the imminent collapse. Everyone ignores the disorderly printing of money and rising inflation just because the US has lower unemployment rates than expected.

But keep in mind the context of all this news!

US dollar index. Line: ProfitFarmers

The DXY (US Dollar Index) is stuck at resistance levels not seen in over 20 years, and a pullback will be a huge relief for the cryptocurrency market (and other global currencies). But everything and everywhere shouted that DXY would go on, the euro could collapse and China was on the verge of doom.

Let’s summarize and do the equation:

Fear of the situation in China plus the ecstasy of DXY = magic tickets for insiders and a sheep’s bloodbath.

Here’s What Happens Next in the Cryptocurrency Market (and How You Can Make Money)

Soon after the news storm coming from China, there was bubble in the cryptocurrency market. Just luck? no.

Cryptocurrency prices surged shortly after the China news. Line: ProfitFarmers

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ProfitFarmers predicted market growth in August and shared their analysis. Line: ProfitFarmers

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