Chick-fil-A worker saves a woman with a child from having her car stolen

(CNN) – The Ocaloosa County Sheriff’s Office praised a Florida employee who they said rushed to the aid of a woman whose car was trying to steal.

The mayor’s office said in a news release on Wednesday that the woman was carrying a child out of her car outside the restaurant in Fort Walton Beach when a man approached with a cane and demanded her keys.

The statement said the man took the keys from the woman’s belt, opened the car door and got inside.

Representatives said a staff member heard the woman’s screams for help, and rushed to intervene.

The bulletin said the employee, identified by Chick-fil-A as Mykel Gordon, entered into a physical conflict with the suspect, who punched Gordon in the face.

It appears that while the two of them fought in the parking lot, other people came to help subdue the suspect. Video shared on Twitter by the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s office considers the clerk a good Samaritan who prevented the suspect from escaping. “A big salute to this young man for his courage,” the department said in the post.

Matthew Sexton, a Chick-fil-A branch operator, told CNN he was relieved that everyone was safe.

“I am grateful to my amazing team member, Michael Gordon, who so selflessly jumped in to step in and help our guests. I couldn’t be more proud of his incredible sponsorship efforts,” said Sexton.

The mayor’s office said the suspect, a 43-year-old man, was arrested and charged with vehicle theft with a weapon and assault.

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