Apple Watch Ultra battery capacity is tough

Apple Watch Ultra, the new smartwatch from Cupertino, surprised in its presentation, and now more details about its powerful battery are revealed.

Without a doubt, the Apple Watch Ultra Surprised all users. Initially, the Apple Watch Pro was rumored to eventually be Ultra, It has amazing battery life, the best in an Apple smartwatch.

How big is the Apple Watch Ultra on the battery?

According to information from MySmartPrice, Apple Watch Ultra has 76% more battery than Apple Watch Series 8. in numbers, Battery 542 mAh For 308 mA. The latter is 45 mm, and the watch has a capacity of 41 mm and has a capacity of 282 mAh.

User using Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra wants to compete with the Garmin smartwatch | Photo: Apple

This series of numbers is very strange, especially for the smallest model, since the Apple Watch Series 7 has a 284 mAh battery, which is 2 units more than the new version. in the meantime, On paper, Apple promises all-day battery life In Series 8, just as it did with the previous generation.

An important development that we will be watching closely is the new Low Power mode in watchOS 9. Designed to extend battery life, some non-essential functions will be disabled, which contributes to better battery preservation. Thanks to this, the Apple Watch Ultra will reach 60 hours of use With this low power mode, 36 hours in normal mode.

Apple with the challenge of delivering the largest battery possible in its smartwatches

Given the competition that exists between the smartwatch market and smart bracelets, Battery problem is an important issue for most consumers and users Who did not have such a tool.

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra in snowy conditions

Other sports bracelets and watches have been known to take full advantage of the fact that they can be used for days (or months, as Garmin says). Apple doesn’t want to be left behind and that’s why Strategy will focus in the presentation of Optimum performance for your watches combined with decent battery life.

Like the new iPhone 14, The Apple Watch Ultra will be under the microscope to really check the numbers Which we have mentioned in this article and if the purchase is worth it for the price and premium functionality.

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