New Shell distributor in Puerto Rico adds four stations to its network

Toral Petroleum LLC opened this month as the new distributor of Shell Gasoline in Puerto Rico for 15 years, and management has assured that the quality of products, loadings or fuel dispatches from the terminal will not change. Shell in Yabucoa.

Through the deal between Toral Petroleum and Shell, the well-known brand’s gasoline distribution is now in local hands, ever since Toral is a Puerto Rican company owned by businessman Nelson Capote.

The distributor confirmed that in these first days, the supply of four stations has begun, and the fifth will start moving this week Hiram Acevedo, Toral Sales Director.

Executive said new day who – which Toral stations in Ceiba and Gurabo and two in Guaynabo (Altamira City and Guaynabo) are already marked with the Shell flag. A fifth toral in San Juan should begin operation MondayIf the rain allows it.

Next week, there will be three more stations that will change to the Shell flag, located in the municipalities of Carolina and Caguas, according to Acevedo.

When asked whether Toral is currently supplying gasoline to more than a hundred Shell stations across the island, the sales manager replied that it is not.. Each one supplies petrol to the stations they have a contract with. I imagine it is Grupo Sol that supplies these terminals,” replied the Toral sales manager.

Grupo Sol has been a Shell distributor for more than a decade on the island, a contract that expired on August 31.

“As long as it bears the Shell flag, gasoline must contain the brand’s additives. Shell Petroleum makes sure of this,” added Acevedo.

Toral is committed to a strategic growth process in line with the legacy of trust, quality and innovation that has characterized the Shell brand for over 100 years. According to the new distributor, the main goal is to provide a more value proposition to consumers, retailers and business partners.

“We are here today to ensure Shell remains in Puerto Rico and that consumers continue to receive the same quality product. As well as our commitment to innovating projects in development for your benefit. We are excited to continue our legacy on the island now alongside Toral.” Kai-Uwe Witterstein, Managing Director of Shell Licensed Markets, said in a written statement, By reaffirming the brand’s commitment to Puerto Rico.

“At Toral, we are honored to represent Shell, one of the most recognizable brands in the market. It is a responsibility that we take on with a great sense of respect. Our commitment is to further develop the brand on the island, focusing on quality and service. To do this, we will work closely with other retailers and business partners to identify opportunities and implement initiatives that lead to positive experiences for our customers,” Acevedo said.

The CEO stressed that all the attributes that distinguish Shell as one of the best gasoline engines on the market will continue. “In terms of the quality and reliability of a product we all know, its legacy of innovation, none of that changes.”

“Regular Shell products, Shell V-Power Nitro+ and Shell Diesel are also unchanged, nor are the loading and dispatch operations at the Shell plant in Yabucoa or the supply chain across the island. Shell is now in Puerto Rican hands with a renewed commitment Focus on increasing access and benefits for all Puerto Ricans,” said the Toral executive.

Acevedo indicated that Shell and Toral are aligned in their future plans, which include developing marketing programs and innovations to improve customer experience at Shell service stations.

Shell is now beginning a new phase in its history under the leadership of a local company. It’s been a long way, a hundred years, but the journey has just begun along with Puerto Rico,” added Acevedo.

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