Dollar price in Colombia today, September 13, exchange rate and value in Colombian peso

The price of the dollar in Colombia It fell 18.41 pesos. It reached its lowest level in more than 3 weeks (since 08-18 2022). The exchange rate increased by 13.29% (510.06 pesos) referring to the same day of the previous year and rose by 3.86% (161.42 pesos) compared to the same day of the previous month.

According to the Financial Supervisory Authority of Colombia, The price of the dollar on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 was 4,346.91 Colombian Peso.

  • receipt Lowest level in more than 3 weeks (From Thursday, August 18, 2022).
  • Compared to the previous day: He dropped 18.41 pesos, Which represents a decrease of 0.42%.
  • Before Same day as previous week: down 2.68% (119.82 pesos).
  • Before Same day last month: up 3.86%. (161.42 pesos).
  • Before Same day last year: 13.29% increase (510.06 pesos).

To calculate the TRM for the dollar, average buy and sell rates for the North American dollar for the day are worked out. For the calculation to be analog, the coefficients are weighted according to their amount and a simple arithmetic average is performed. TRM can be consulted daily at or on the Dollar Colombia mobile app.

The movements of the dollar and oil in Colombia

The dollar in Colombia opened on Tuesday at $4,410.47, which is an increase of $63.56 over the representative market price (TRM), which put it at $4,346.91. According to the Set-FX platform, The US currency reached an opening price of $4,405, A minimum of $4,401.10 and a maximum of $4,414.50. In addition, more than US$18.2 million were negotiated through 40 deals.

secondly, The benchmark Brent oil price for Colombia reached $93.67, It lost about -0.33 USD (-0.35%) compared to the previous close of the Brent price on the European ICE exchange (delivery in November 2022). Along the same lines, The price of a barrel of West Texas Intermediate crude oil is $87.60. It lost about -0.18 USD (-0.21%) against the previous close of the WTI price on the New York Stock Exchange (delivery October 2022).

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