North Carolina woman tells her boyfriend that she won $500 in the lottery, and he asks her to check the ticket well, it turns out she won $150,000

After paying the required federal and state taxes, the winner came out with $106.516.

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A North Carolina woman thought she won a few hundred dollars in the lottery, but When her boyfriend tells her to check her ticket well, the player finds out that she hit the fat guy.

Tiffany Griffin bought a ticket to the Scratch-Off game called “Cashword Multiplier”. The 42-year-old said she chose this ticket because she’s always loved to play these kinds of games, when she went to claim her first prize of $150,000 at the lottery headquarters in Raleigh on Friday.

The woman beat odds of 1 in 3.91 million to win this grand prize. “Scratch off crossword puzzles are the only ones I buysaid the lucky winner, according to a lottery press release.

Griffin lives in Charlotte and bought the ticket at the BP Food Mart on West Sugar Creek Road.

At first, she thought she had won $500, so she called her boyfriend to show it to her cell phone.

The friend told her he had some parts of the ticket he didn’t scratch, so the woman proceeded to reveal those letters. It was then that he found out that he had won $150,000.yes

“I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I had to breathe again,” Griffin said.

After paying the required federal and state taxes, Griffin earned $106.516.

Plan to pay the bills and make some home repairs with a portion of the prize.Lottery said.

The “Cashword Multiplier” game went on sale in August and will offer six prizes worth $150,000. There are now five prizes left to claim.

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