These will be the first workers to lose their jobs

The economic situation in the United States is characterized by uncertainty, and a new employment rate survey has just indicated which jobs are most at risk in the United States.

According to this survey, it has been confirmed that many workers with less experience have great opportunities to take advantage of the great concession to negotiate higher wages. However, the survey ensures that these workers are the most likely to be fired immediately.

We are talking about workers between 25 and 34 years old. According to this survey, the logic of what comes in last and goes out first is applied. This dynamic means that it is the less experienced workers whose jobs are most at risk.

“There is clearly a gap between what is being reported in the news and what is happening within the workforce right now. We are seeing companies in nearly every industry that need support for their employees facing layoffs and cutbacks to come,” said Ryan Miller, director of customer success at EB. .

“The speed of our sales in Recruit Boost Outplacement has increased significantly – over 100% in the last 45 days.”

Analysts believe that in addition, being the workers who have sought the most salary increases, they are also at risk because companies may perceive that they are being overpaid, especially in times of recession.

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