The price of the dollar today, September 8, the peso gains the session

Today, Thursday, September 8, 2022 AD dollar quotes At 19.9561 per unit with a real-time downtrend. According to a report BanxicoThe peso rose 4.54 cents in the exchange rate to settle at 19.9596 pesos per unit against the interbank spot dollar. On this day, the Mexican peso appreciates.

According to the economist Gabriela Seiler, in the local panorama, the information on inflation in Mexico stands out, as it recorded last August an increase of 8.70% at the annual rate, which represents the highest data since 2000, and a monthly rate. 0.70% which is a record since 1998 where no equal level has been seen, which portends further upward pressure on consumer prices.

The price of the dollar in banks Mexicans:

  • Bank of MexicoBuy: $19.9596 – Sell: $19.9596
  • HSBC: Buy: $19.54 – Sell: $20.27
  • Panamax: Buy: $19.37 – Sell: $20.49
  • Bancomer Bank: Buy: $19.81 – Sell: $20.75
  • my panorty: Buy: $18.80 – Sell: $20.21
  • Scotiabank: Buy: $19.55 – Sell: $20.32
  • Ninth: Buy: $18.80 – Sell: $20.19
  • Baguio Bank: Buy: $19.61 – Sell: $20.69
  • Monix: Buy: $19.72 – Sell: $20.25
  • Azteca Bank: Buy: $20.17 – Sell: $20.91
  • Inbursa: Buy: $19.61 – Sell: $20.60
  • Santander: Buy: $19.53 – Sell: $21.07
  • exchange: Buy: $19.4593 – Sell: $20.4698
  • Banregio: Buy: $19.10 – Sell: $20.81

As for the Bitcoinis currently at $19.349.6 with a real-time downtrend.

We advise you to read the dollar price today, Thursday, how did the exchange rate wake up?

Referring to euroat $19.96, for $22.96 off the pesos Sterling pound general average.

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