The price and all its features

The “powerful” Apple Watch has just been introduced: that’s all its news.

After many rumors, we finally got it to us, The Ultra version of the Apple Watch features a significantly different and larger designAll this comes with a higher price, too.


If we compare the Apple Watch Ultra with the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE 2, we can Clear differences appear, especially considering that the latter did not receive a major design update. And Gorman was right then, we see a design that is an “evolution of the current rectangular shape”.

The Apple Watch Ultra has an extension flat screenUnlike his brothers who have a curvature; a refurbished digital crown which is accompanied by a protrusion and its own button; but also, On the left side of the watch we find the “mysterious” button About which we will tell you in more detail in the following paragraphs.


Apple Watch Ultra: Price and all its features

Apple Watch Ultra is built to take it all!

Apple Watch Ultra Designed for those who do extreme sportsso your planning should be Almost indestructible…and they seem to have succeeded.

for this part, The casing is made of titanium in aerospace It will be able to withstand the use and abuse of athletes, as well as those who plan to expose the watch to extreme conditions; Being, according to the company, The perfect combination of weight, durability and abrasion resistance.

its time Military Certificate MIL-STD-810Gwhich can only be obtained after approximately 30 tests ensure that the equipment is ready for all orders.

She also has Diving certification WR100 That would allow the device to support a file Its depth reaches 100 metreswhile at the same time the watch is internationally recognized EN 13319 For diving accessories. However, Apple warns Do not use in diving below 40 metres..

Apple Watch Ultra case will protect you from all adversityAccording to Apple, this includes extremely cold temperatures -20°Cto the infernal heat of a desert 55°C. In the same way, the device was subjected to shocks of heat, sand, dust, freezing, low pressure, massive vibrations and much more.


Apple Watch Ultra: Price and all its features

Bigger, Stronger, Brighter Screen

The Apple Watch Ultra news doesn’t end there. The screen, in addition to being larger, is also made with more resistant materials Specifically with Ion-X (LTPO) glass.

In addition to having OLED Always-On Retina Display technology of course, its brightness level reaches 2000 nits, which is Twice as bright as any Apple Watch so farThis will allow you to view all the device details in any environment without problems.


The new Apple device is truly the best smart watch manufacturer. As for the sound quality of voice calls, it has three microphones that improve clarity.

It also uses a file Adaptive beamforming algorithmwhose function allows for better sound capture while greatly reducing background noise, so even on top of a mountain in the strongest winds, The Apple Watch is expected to pick up our voice, loud and clear.


The Ultra version of the Apple Watch is too Largest version availableso it is not really a device for all customers, since in this version we are talking about a file 49mm bodyinstead of the available 41 and 45 mm Series 8.

Its screen measures 2 inches diagonallyThat’s 7% more screen area than the 45mm Apple Watch Series 8.

For her part, she has some good edges and one Resolution 410 x 502 pixels. The purpose of the Extra Surface is to display the metrics that matter to athletes The only Apple Watch capable of displaying up to six gauges on the same screen.

physical buttons

Apple Watch Ultra: Price and all its features

This is what the Digital Crown looks like next to the bump that houses the side button

In addition to the well-known side button and the Digital Crown, the new Apple Watch Ultra included a new button on the left side, designed in international orange, allowing for high contrast.

Its function can be customized for different purposes, such as activating specific training modes – which is useful for high-performance athletes in triathlon – as well as starting pre-set training modes, seeing compass reference points, surroundings, and much more; This time Apple did not limit the possibilities.


Apple Watch Ultra: Price and all its features

This is what the three new Apple Watch Ultra straps look like

The new Apple Watch Ultra is Compatible with old tapesHowever, we must bear in mind that the setting may not be the most suitable for wearable.

If we want to take advantage of the full potential of the Apple Watch Pro, we must take advantage of a special set of straps that will allow a better fit for extreme sports.

  • Alpine loop belt: It is made of two complementary layers obtained by continuous weaving, so it has no cracks. It’s made of “ultra-resistant” thread, and is closed with a titanium hook in the shape of an a J.
  • lane loop belt: Designed for athletes and endurance runners, it has a softer build, all with the goal of maintaining comfort, lightness and a perfect fit that doesn’t bother after long kilometers.
  • ocean belt: Thinking of extreme water sports and recreational scuba diving, it is made of flexible fluoroplastic and thanks to its tubular geometry, it ensures a secure fit with its buckle that is also made of titanium.

Battery life

The new size of the Apple Watch Ultra not only allows for more information on the screen, but also allows for a larger battery to be integrated inside, which It will allow up to 36 hours of continuous use. In addition, the wearable up with Low consumption mode that we can use for up to 60 hours continuous; Perfect for long adventures.

According to those from Cupertino, the Apple Watch Ultra has enough user autonomy to swim 3.8 kilometers, bike 180 kilometers and complete a full marathon, i.e. 42.2 kilometers.

Sensors and health and safety features

In recent years, Apple has worked on a range of health features with its Apple Watch, some of which are not expected to be available before 2025; however, With the arrival of the first Pro version, many of these sensors have been integrated, along with health-related functions most interested.

Apple Watch Ultra: Price and all its features

All specifications of the new Apple wearable device

temperature sensor

Temperature sensor rumors and a “gradient temperature sensor” patent approved in August Tell us in advance about the new job That would integrate the new Apple Watches and understand a little bit how they work.

However, since the sensor algorithm is not quite as polished, It will not accurately measure body temperature – thus determining whether we have a fever or not, for example – so this is the first version It will only be useful for fertility planning.

Despite rumors that Apple is working hard on improving the algorithm to get an accurate reading without knowing your core body temperature.

Detecting traffic accidents

With sensors like the accelerometer, the Apple Watch Ultra will be able to do that Measuring the peak force of gravity and thus detecting traffic accidents. When this happens, the smartwatch Immediately call emergency services to ask for help.

This new feature will be an extension of existing fall detection on Apple Watch models and some iPhones that have proven useful in saving more than one life.

Global Positioning System

For the first time on the Apple Watch, GPS receives a very important update by integrating dual frequency, both L1 How L5this is the last More powerful and easy to recover information in any situation.

in this way, The wearable Apple provides the most accurate GPS available To date, more reliable data on distance, route and speed are provided, so that the information for professional athletes is now more clear and useful to improve their performance.

Returning to the latter, we must also add that the Apple Watch Ultra, along with watchOS 9, allow new metrics to be taken into account:

  • ground connection
  • vertical oscillation
  • Operating power


In the event of an emergency, such as loss or damage, your Apple Watch includes a file 86dB siren, allowing to attract attention.

The sound, according to Apple, is unique and repeats for several hours through two sequences. The first sequence allows an indication of the emergency, while the second sequence reproduces the internationally recognized SOS pattern.


With its larger design and “indestructible” titanium chassis, the Apple Watch Ultra clearly isn’t cheap. Its price is 999 euros; Something we already knew thanks to the leaks and that was to be expected thanks to the large number of functions it offers. The device will be available from September 23.

What was presented at the Apple event?

At the same event the standard edition of the watch appeared, the Apple Watch Series 8 along with the economy edition, the Apple Watch SE 2.

Of course, all attention has been directed to the iPhone 14 Pro Max and its younger brother the iPhone 14 Pro; And to a lesser extent iPhone 14 Plus and the cheapest version of Pioneer From Apple, iPhone 14.

And of course, we can’t forget the AirPods Pro 2. But in a nutshell, This new Apple Watch surprised us.

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