These cases show just how bulky the Apple Watch Pro is

A few hours before the presentation, new rumors about the Apple Watch are still coming, and now it looks like the Pro version will be huge.

Since the first rumors about the new Apple Watch, it has been said that this year we will have a larger model, and according to the latest leaks, It seems that the pro version will not be available to all users.

Sonny Dickson, a well-known leaker, shared a series of photos via Twitter where You can see the difference in sizes between the Apple Watch series which will be presented soon.

The size of the Apple Watch Pro, the largest yet

According to Dixon’s sources, this model Case size will be 49mm, something noticeably larger than the Apple Watch Series 7 generation, which has a case size of 41 and 45 mm; Likewise, this volume is expected to remain the same in Series 8.

If the flat screen that is expected to be integrated into the new Apple smartwatch is added to this larger body size, then everything indicates that Screen size can be larger than 1.99 inch which information was initially available, so that it could extend even two inches.

thanks for the The screen of this new device will be much largerAthletes and enthusiasts Fitness They will be able to access the stats and functions that are possible with the watch in a more convenient and convenient way.

Same design, but with a physical button!

Apple WatchPro

Leaked images of the Apple Watch Pro leave us with a completely different design

On September 5, 91 Mobile announced Exclusive CAD images of what will be the new design of the Apple Watch Proonce again confirms the case size of 49 mm.

But these photos confirm something more interesting, which is Insert a physical button on the left side of the watch. In addition to a flat screen and also a display where the digital crown and side button are located.

after filtration, Mar Gorman, a Bloomberg journalist, confirmed the validity of the design from CAD images.

On the other hand, we must also take into account that Gurman has indicated some time ago that the “Pro” version of the Apple Watch will not only have a screen that, according to the journalist, “will be larger than most wrists”, but also include a file Much bigger batterya Low Power Mode and indestructible titanium shell.

How much will the Apple Watch Pro cost?

Plus it wouldn’t be a device for all wrists, It won’t be available for all pockets either. The Pro version is clearly at the top of the Apple Watch line, so that’s to be expected Its price can easily reach 1000 dollars.

However, there are not many details about it, but fortunately, We are only two hours away from presenting the new smartwatchbeside the Standard Edition, the . file Apple Watch Series 8 And what is expected to be an affordable version, the Apple Watch SE updated. However, there was also talk of a cheaper version, but not much is known about it …

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