Netflix is ​​offering to launch its cheapest plan through ads

The new subscription will be available before the end of the year: what date is rumored.

Advertised plan with ads from Netflix Could arrive earlier than expected. The streaming platform is finalizing the details to implement a low-cost subscription, given the frequent decline in its viewership.

According to several sources, the mini version could appear for the first time beginning of november And not in 2023, as was officially expected.

The main reason is Take advantage of Disney +which also plans to launch – under the Disney + Basic brand – its variant of the service with ads on December 8.

If Netflix succeeds, it will be just over a month ahead of one of its closest competitors, which it recently overtook in terms of subscriptions.

Diseny plus is planning to launch its ad-supported platform.

In July, Netflix informed its investors that it plans to launch the plan with ads in the first quarter of 2023. However, the benefit will not be available to everyone.

Among the confirmed countries are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, according to industry sources briefed on the streaming service’s plans.

Officially, the company has neither confirmed nor denied the progress of its launch. The mentioned date was mentioned in a Wall Street Journal report on the business strategy that the company will address to add advertisers.

Netflix: How the new service will be cheaper with ads

AFP photo.

AFP photo.

Initially, the idea will be to include four minutes of advertising content for every hour of content transmission, so that the user can see a maximum Just over an hour of ads.

They would appear before and during serials and films, although not in all of them. This is because a file original products Netflix will not display any kind of advertising content, although it stands to reason that it remains to be seen if that will eventually be the case.

Although the monthly value of the service has not been officially confirmed by the company, it is known that it will be less than 10 buckssince this is the current cost of the base plan, its best price level.

To all this, Bloomberg notes, Netflix is ​​trying to “fine a delicate balance” between advertising and the Argentine user experience it’s known since 2011, when the streaming service debuted in the country.

The partner chosen to monetize these ads is Microsoft, with which it seeks to negotiate the ads that will appear on the streaming service. To do this, the platform seeks to shut down everything before September.

The advantage of having a giant company like Microsoft is that it can “meet all the needed needs” to work on the new ad-supported subscription.

The streaming service claims that this ad-supported plan will have about half a million subscribers by the end of the year. They have agreed on retail prices for this, but are said to be looking at $7 and $9 per month.

According to a Bloomberg report, Netflix plans to charge between $7 and $9 (1,666 to 2,142 pesos, at the dollar card’s daily exchange rate) for its next “light ad” experience, which turns out to be roughly half the cost of its Standard plan.


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