Announce the order change in SuperMax

Super Max supermarket chain It was announced today that, as of September 12, the current President, José Revuelta, will be leaving office The presidency of the executive branch, Jorge Hernandez, will take effect.

The announcement, which was made public through a statement signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Supermercados Máximo LLC. , proves that “Hernández has extensive experience as a high-level executive in the food retailing industry in various forms.”

El Nuevo Día has learned that the new president has served as an executive at Walmart, Sam’s and Amigo stores.

“We are very excited to have Jorge added,” Lucille said in the written message. “SuperMax has been a successful company since its inception in 2002. We understand that with his experience and values, Jorge has the credentials to be instrumental in taking SuperMax to the next level of development.”

secondly, Luzel reported that the current president, Jose Revuelta, who has held this position for 17 years, will continue as a shareholder and member of the board of directors. “The management of Revuelta over the years has been instrumental in our success,” said Lauzille.

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