Dollar price in Colombia today, exchange rate September 5 and value in Colombian peso

The price of the dollar in Colombia on Monday, September 5, 2022, remained unchanged. The exchange rate increased by 17.85% (676.69 pesos) referring to the same day of the previous year and rose by 4.65% (198.43 pesos) compared to the same day of the previous month.

The Market Representative Exchange Rate (TRM) is the amount of the Colombian peso per 1 US dollar. TRM is calculated on the basis of foreign exchange purchases and sales between financial intermediaries that trade in the Colombian foreign exchange market, complying with the same day the foreign exchange is traded.

To calculate TRM for dollars Average buy and sell rates are made in USD for the day. For the calculation to be analog, the coefficients are weighted according to their amount and a simple arithmetic average is performed. TRM can be consulted daily at or on the Dollar Colombia mobile app.

Compare the price of the dollar in Colombia

As published by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Colombia, the body that calculates and certifies TRM daily based on recorded operations, the dollar rate in Colombia is 4,466.73 Colombian pesos.

  • Before The day before: remained at the same level.
  • Before Same day as the previous week: It rose by 1.79% (78.71 pesos).
  • Before Same day last month: up 4.65% (198.43 pesos).
  • Before Same day last year: up 17.85% (676.69 pesos).

How is the oil in Colombia?

For its part, oil prices rose on Monday, extending gains with investors’ interest in possible measures by OPEC + to reduce production and support prices at a meeting later today.

The price of a barrel of Brent oil, the benchmark for Colombia, recorded $ 95.49, up +2.47 USD (+2.66%) compared to the previous close of the Brent price on the European ICE exchange (November 2022 delivery). Along the same lines, The price of a barrel of West Texas Intermediate oil is 89.02 dollarsup +2.15 USD (+2.47%) against the previous close of the WTI list on the NYSE (October 2022 delivery).

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