You can now send messages to yourself on WhatsApp

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Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t seem to want to lose an inch in integrating WhatsApp as the main communication tool, and in a few weeks we’ve seen various announcements on the platform, such as the ability to make purchases without giving up on the tool.

This news cell is endless and the last thing we saw – again, with beta and WABetainfo – is that the popular messaging app is working on a function that might surprise you, at first, but might also be really useful: sending messages to yourself.

What’s the point of writing a letter to yourself? The answer will be given to you by many users who have already done it: as a reminder or a message manager. The idea is simple: write or forward whatever you want to be reviewed later in some kind of inbox, but only for us.

So far, those who actually worked this way on the platform, what they did was create dummy groups they were in on their own, but that was a poorly resolved shortcut, because to do that, it was necessary to have a ‘head’. Turkish” provided as a temporary group member (WhatsApp only allows creating groups of at least three users).

Cross-platform communication

While we don’t know if this new functionality is a self-reminder (although it appears to be), what is known is that WhatsApp also wants it to serve as a means of cross-communication between the app’s different platforms.

That is: You can send a message to this private chat from your iPhone, and you will receive it synchronously on your PC or Android phone, if you have one. And if you think that WhatsApp does, finally, allow activation on many mobile phones, the answer is no: it’s still rooted in its policy, one mobile, one account.

However, it is suspected that this will happen sooner rather than later and you will finally be able to have WhatsApp simultaneously on two mobile devices. But back to this new job… what can be done with it? We give you some ideas:

  • You can send voice notes to yourself: “Remember to buy milk”

  • Send the location of the parked car

  • Forward conversations from other chats that we want to review or that contain important information…

As you can see, the possibilities are many and I am sure this new tool will be well received in the market. For now, it’s only available to desktop beta users, although it will soon be expanded to other platforms.

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