The woman who accidentally received more than $7 million and bought a mansion

When Thevamanogari Manivel accidentally received over $7 million USD in her account, she thought she was the luckiest woman in the world.

But now she and some close to her are in trouble.

The Australian Court ruled that You must return the money, plus the corresponding interest and costs of the operation.

It all started in May 2021, when the platform processed a pending deposit of 100 Australian dollars (68 USD) for a cryptocurrency transaction paid into a Mannivel account.

But the woman residing in the city of Melbourne, southeast Australia, He did not receive that amount but A$10,474,143 (about $7,111,000).

The error occurred when the person responsible for processing the payment entered the beneficiary’s account number in the box for the amount of the transaction, according to Australian media.

Becoming a millionaire in an instant, a woman does not lack time to manage her new fortune.

In the following months, he transferred most of the money to a joint account with another defendant, allegedly his romantic partner.

the palace

He also deposited about $300,000 into his daughter’s account and He bought a house north of Melbourne in the name of his sister who lives in Malaysia, her name is Thilagavathy Gangadory.

With four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a cinema room, a gym and a double garage on an area of ​​more than 500 square meters, The mansion cost him 1.35 million Australian dollars ($916 thousand), Court documents reveal.

Surprisingly, a crypto asset company It took several months to realize the error.

Actor Matt Damon is one of the faces of the campaign, “Wealth favors the brave.” PRIVATE / CRYPTO.COM

“It is assumed that the plaintiffs did not become aware of this major mistake until about seven months later, in late December 2021,” said James Elliott, Victoria High Court judge, who last Friday ruled in the case.

sentence or judgment on

court He agreed with the plaintiff and ordered the return of all money plus interest and court costs.

And I hope that Manneville’s sister The mansion must be sold, Considering that it was proven that it was paid in full with the money received by mistake.’s legal battle began in early February, when it was able to freeze the accounts of a customer to whom the millionaire was deposited.

But when this happened, She had already transferred most of the $7.1 million USD to her relatives.

His sister became the owner of the mansion two weeks after Maneville’s assets were frozen.

a) yes, asked the judge to freeze the sister’s bank accounts as wellwho is now forced to sell the property.

In the ruling, the judge asserted that the house was “acquired with money traceable to undeserved payments and would never have been owned by Gangadori if such illegal amount had not been paid.”

That’s why Manifel’s sister confirms “It was unfairly enriched by improperly receiving the purchase price of the property to pay it.”

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