Tres Monjitas confirms price increase for a quart of fresh milk

Producer Tres Monjitas confirmed that consumers will see a 15-cent increase in a quarter of fresh milk starting tomorrow.

The increase came as a result of Administrative Order 2022-50 issued by the Office of Dairy Regulatory Industry (ORIL) that will go into effect tomorrow Thursday, which seeks to set a minimum price for the sale of various milk cartons. New at the processor level and a fixed profit margin at the retailer level.

Therefore, the new retail price of Tres Monjitas Fresh Milk will be:

In written statements for first hourMinister of Agriculture, Ramon Gonzalez Piero, considered the said increase “irrational” and did not rule out having to reverse the administrative system.

“The Department of Agriculture has not specified any increase in milk prices. The 15-cent increase announced by manufacturers is illogical. We will monitor the price and make sure it is reasonable. If there is a need to reverse the system that will be done.”

Tres Monjitas set the new consumer price for dairy products based on the metrics at which they offer the consumer more value and lower price per ounce in larger packages, explained Vaquería Tres Monjitas’ general manager, Orlando González Núñez. , in written data. for this newspaper.

He also explained that this price increase responds to the demand of ORIL, which does not set a maximum price for milk at the level of processors so that each factory creates its own according to its own analysis.

“At Tres Monjitas we have conducted independent and thoughtful analysis based on our economic realities, market realities and searching for a balance that will also benefit consumers, ranchers and retailers by providing them with a better value equation per ounce in the larger package. This in turn will stimulate the sale of more milk. , which benefits all sectors of the industry and will give us greater stability to continue investing in our people, technology and capital improvements that will allow us to continue delivering the best quality to our customers.”

According to Gonzalez Nunez, economic studies have indicated a need for an increase of more than 20 cents per quarter. But the manufacturer indicated that the weighted increase in milk created by Tres Monjitas would be 8 cents for the quarter.

“We are betting on our bid as we offer a product that is proven to last longer due to its superior quality and offer higher value alternatives to consumers,” said Gonzalez Nunez.

Tres Monjitas notified retailers of its new pricing structure on the same day it received ORIL’s order, August 22.

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