Elon Musk calls on people to have ‘more children’

The world’s richest man, Elon Musk, a father of 10, urged on Monday to “have more children” as well as tap more oil and natural gas.

“Believe me‘Children’s crisis is a big problem,'” The 51-year-old businessman announced to the press in Stavanger, southwest Norway, where he participated in an energy talk.

When asked about the world’s biggest challenges, the founder of US electric car maker Tesla referred to the energy transition, but immediately spoke of the birth rate, “one of his favorite, perhaps less well-known interests.”

In Western societies, as in countries with high population density such as China, The birth rate is declining, Largely due to an aging population.

“It is important that people have enough children to perpetuate civilization,” he said.

“They say civilization can disappear with an explosion or ecstasy. If we don’t have enough children, We will die with the groan (wearing) of an adult diaper. “It would be frustrating,” he added.

“Yes, they had more children,” he concluded.

shot three times Musk is the father of ten children. One died at the age of 10 weeks. Another, a transgender girl, recently filed a formal lawsuit to change her family name as well as her gender and cut all ties with her father.

The American press recently revealed that he had twins in November with leader Neuralink, a few weeks before the birth of Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, which he had with singer Grimes.

The billionaire, who arrived in Stavanger on a private plane, estimated that The planet still needs fossil energy sources.

“Realistically, I think we have to use oil and gas in the short term, otherwise civilization will collapse…especially these days with sanctions against Russia,” he said.

He estimated that “for the time being it would be justified to explore more” hydrocarbons in Norway.

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