DACO reports record number of solar panel complaints in August

So far in August, they have submitted to the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO), 52 complaints about solar panels. This was stated by the secretary, Aidan Rivera Rodriguez, who noted that this figure is almost twice the average of 27 monthly complaints for this category of services.

Rivera explained that since August 2021, 377 complaints have been filed asking consumers to compensate for some type of non-compliance with solar panel service providers. The largest amount was made in the regional offices of San Juan, with 35% of complaints; Arecibo, by 22%; The bonus is 17%.

The official specified that regarding solar panels, the monthly complaints submitted to DACO fluctuated from 14, the lowest number recorded between August 2021 and July 2022; Up to 40, the highest level for that period, with an average of 27 complaints per month.

The lowest number was recorded in November 2021, and the highest in July 2022.

The volume of complaints this month is alarming. As of Friday (August 26), 52 complaints have been filed regarding this type of service, which is nearly double the rate recorded for last year.”Rivera indicated through written communication.

The minister stressed the importance of “especially caution with this type of contract.” In this regard, the committee recommended that “consumers read in detail any document that could put them at risk in any way, and not sign anything until they really understand everything the document says.”

According to DACO records, as of now in 2022, The most common complaints about solar panel services relate to some kind of non-conformance due to equipment that does not cover the needs for which it was purchased, or batteries that are damaged in a short time, which are not replaced immediately.

“Renewable energy can be a great alternative; but it involves a significant investment that is usually spread out over many years. This is why it is essential to ensure your protection in the event of any failure or breach,” Rivera said.

He urged the official to “check whether the company you want to contract with has complaints before DACO, whether it is duly registered as a contractor, and whether it appears on the monthly lists of non-compliant works.” Regarding equipment, he stressed the importance of “ensure that any promise made by the seller is in writing.”

The secretary added: “It is also necessary to check that there is some kind of commitment in terms of guarantees, because we have realized that many transfer said responsibility to the manufacturer, with whom the consumer has never contracted.”

When there is some kind of breach of contract, the consumer will have the right to file a lawsuit with the court, or a complaint with DACO. If the issue is related to billing or interconnection, the jurisdiction rests with the Bureau of Energy.

Complaints can be submitted to DACO in person at any of the five regional offices, or through www.daco.pr.gov.

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