Beware of false messages due to failure in your banking application

One of the advantages of having a mobile banking application is that you can perform many actions that you previously had to go to an ATM or a branch to perform. These are becoming more and more common in the time of the pandemic, because with so many people protected by Covid-19 quarantine, in this quarantine you can make transfers and payments for various services from your cell phone.

But having your bank information on hand can be a double-edged sword, because if your cell phone is stolen or lost, you are left with weak data from which your data can be misused and even left without cash. In recent days, anomalies have been discovered in the BBVA app formerly known as Bancomer, where hackers exploit system failures to send wrong technical support messages to access passwords and information that you can save on your cell phone. Here we tell you how it works and what you can do to avoid it

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What should be checked when downloading a mobile banking application?

Whether from BBVA, Santander or Banorte, when you download a banking application to your cell phone, you must electronically sign an individual digital contract stating the responsibilities of the user and the bank, as well as what to do. In case your cell phone is stolen or lost.

The BBVA application indicates that, “In the event of damage, theft or loss of the access card, mobile device and/or security device, (the user) must immediately notify the Bank through the Telefónica del Banco Service Center, to prevent any third party Unauthorized from improper use.On receipt of said notice, the bank will cancel the fuel-equipped access means and provide a report or record number, so that its liability ceases from that moment.The bank is responsible for any fees charged through electronic means after the report.

This means that by accepting the responsibilities of the Single Digital Contract, you agree that if your cell phone is stolen or lost, you must notify the bank immediately so that the fees charged to your account are covered by the bank. Those passwords are your responsibility.

Fraud in BBVA, Santander and Banorte Apps

Recently, problems have arisen for users of banking applications such as BBVA, Santander or Banorte, as hackers have taken the opportunity to send messages from fake technicians to support or follow up on complaints as they can access your cell phone through a link. And the data you can save to get rid of your money and do other types of fraud.

How do you avoid these scams?

Avoid opening links and falling into fraudulent scams as through these links they access your data, passwords and other personal information that you may have on your cell phone. For this, do not accept help from employees of BBVA, Santander or Banorte and make changes only through the official phone line of the bank, these changes usually start with 800, or from a location in Mexico City.

It is also recommended to obtain the service numbers of your bank, as well as to check the different types of insurance that can cover you in the event that the card is stolen or lost.

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