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Mobile devices have become an essential tool for people in their daily lives. For this reason, its performance should always be at its maximum for all the functions that it performs during the day.

However, there are some habits that can harm the optimization of the cell phone and its parts. This is the case for the battery because it is one of the most sensitive, since some occasions Leaving the device charging overnight or subjected to some habits that impair its performance.

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Users of these devices constantly question whether keeping them plugged into the outlet all night is a bad thing, which depends a lot on each cell phone and the technology it deals with to maintain and take care of it.

Charge your device overnight.

Is it okay to ship it overnight?

at present smart phones It became very popular, the battery can be detached and replaced with a brand new one without any problem when inflating due to overheating.

Currently, these two elements are still united and There is no possibility to detect the mobile phone and / or check its internal characteristics. However, many mobile phone brands and their internal components have taken into consideration the device’s charging case too much.

Charge the cell phone in the car

“Modern phones are smart, which means they have built-in protection chips that prevent them from charging more than they should.”Anker brand spokesperson, Edo Campos, told TIME media.

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The batteries are created in such a way that once they reach 100%, It will slow down the charge so as not to affect the deviceOysters do not suffer any harm to their components.

In addition, many cell phones have an “enhanced battery” function, which will help the phone to stay at a certain percentage of charge so that it is less harmful when it comes to 100% completion.

worst habits

There are many actions that impair the optimal performance of the battery and it is recommended that you stop doing this until your cell phone continues to function well.

It is recommended to charge devices with the cable that comes inside the box due to its quality. Although it is not bad to use other other brand, As long as it’s not a hacking model.

cell battery

It is not necessary to charge the cell phone to 100 percent if this is the first charge.

“Too cheap chargers cut all the points a charger has: the adapter, cable, and USB connection -Universal Serial Bus-. Buying a charger of very poor quality can make the USB connection of poor quality and end up breaking your device’s connector”explained the specialist Quillian Sanz on the web portal “Pro Android”.

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Charging a mobile phone to the maximum point is one of the most common mistakes. For this reason, disconnecting it before it reaches 100% will extend the life of the battery.

“When lithium-ion batteries are near depletion, they draw a constant current and operate at lower voltages.”This was stated by engineer Roberto Treggs of the media “Android Authority”.

The best use of the battery

The most viable recommendation against any brand of smart phones It’s updates, as companies make these modifications to fix bugs or improve some of the functions each of their devices has for better applicability.

cell battery

Charging a cell phone between 30 and 80 percent will help you not waste more battery cycles.

Among its functions is “battery saving” since then Reduces the amount of energy spent when not needed Increase your phone usage.

According to the Apple brand, this is an effective option when one of your devices is low on charging and can help extend uptime or you want to keep your usage idle without having to maintain a constant charge.

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