Starlink internet plan cost

service Internet star linkBillionaire Elon Musk’s company announced, Thursday, that it will reduce the cost of its monthly payment Internet In the Dominican Republic, in order to compete with companies that offer the same Services.

From now on, the price to be paid per month for the service will be S$2,900. Remember that the equipment for receiving Wi-Fi costs NT$27,000.

The price reduction was announced through a statement from the company Services From Internet At the global level, which proves that the changes have been made taking into account the national market and the purchasing power of the Dominicans.

Star Link Internet ofrece a los usuarios velocidades de descarga de entre 150 y 350 Mbps y una latencia de entre 20 y 40 ms, que permite una conectividad de alto rendimiento para oficinas que tengan hasta 20 usuarios, tiendas de venta al público en y demand cargas de esuarios the scientist.

At first, the service Internet It’s priced at S$7,080 per month, plus S$38,900 for a router. The company announced this in a tweet that celebrated its arrival in the country, but the users of this revolutionary network from Internet They complained about the high prices for the service.

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