CADECA accuses Lazaro official journalist Manuel Alonso: ‘You must measure your action’

Official press opinion Lazaro Manuel Alonso On the sale of foreign currency in Exchange offices (CADECA)Posted the day before on social media, it sparked an angry reaction from the banking institution on Wednesday.

After starting on Monday Selling dollars to normal people in CubaAt 123.60 Cuban pesos per US dollar, Alonso said the challenge for the foreign exchange market, as it is being implemented, is the transparency of the process.

Facebook screenshot / Lazaro Manuel Alonso

“It is not enough for an official to say out loud ‘We have $30,000 or €45,000 to sell today.’ If we don’t operate a mechanism by which these deposits are known to everyone, and by which operations can be audited by both the institution and the clients, CADECAS will be Notorious for the opacity of its management,” the journalist considered.

The act of loudly reporting the availability of foreign currency for sale leaves a margin of opacity that may end up affecting customers waiting in line that does not guarantee that they will receive the foreign currency, in operations limited to $100 per person.

Alonso said this situation could be “a breeding ground for old businesses that for years have been harvesting wheat on the outskirts of shops and anywhere they sell something the residents need”.

Facebook screenshot / CADECA

Without mentioning his name, CADECA met with the opinion of the journalist to confirm its seriousness as a company committed to “transparency” and the so-called “revolution”. Emphasizing this last commitment, the company emphasized in large letters that it was “at the service of the revolution”.

CADECA stated in its social networks: “We have seen with discontent, the personal ‘opinion’ in social networks, about the transparency and seriousness of CADECA in the face of foreign exchange market operations.”

The company affirmed its respect for personal opinions, and expressed its dissatisfaction with a violent and threatening tone towards the journalist, For those who recommended measuring his words because of his public page.

“Only when that comment comes from a publicly exposed person, should he measure [su] He did, because perhaps inadvertently, he could serve, as it happens, unscrupulous enemies who seek to destroy everything that has been built with great effort,” he said.

As a public and governmental institution, the company said, “in all of its structures, it is subject to supervision, internal control and audit by the relevant authorities, both internal and external.”

In this sense, CADECA has insisted that all of its operations are auditable and “maintains the traceability that the national banking system has implemented in business standards and procedures”.

However, it also “requires banking secrecy, because the enemy of our people is latent,” the company declared in a new twist to the “external enemy” argument.

Relying on the PCC’s propaganda and indoctrination manual, the socialist firm asserted that “the demand for a popular examination of the availability of foreign currency is to aspire to compare CADECA to the auctioning of the capitalist market, where it lacks transparency, is used to commit crime and illicit enrichment is a practice and a livelihood”.

“More than a thousand workers and cadres of the entity do not accept or agree, With a disrespectful prophecy made by a personal judgment, or no… we don’t knowCADECA indicated in an angry tone, ruling out the possibility that Alonso’s opinion was not personal, but rather induced.

Suspicion that Alonso spoke on behalf of third parties remained a threat to the journalist, to whom the leadership of the Cuban power – those that manage the currencies of an economy that is getting dollarized every day – dropped a notice to keep your profile as an official journalist and do not stray from the text.

“We are and will be, an entity dedicated to banking, framed in its corporate purpose, ready to serve the customer, with quality and transparency in its operations, serious in its actions, diligent, respectful, with due oversight and always serving the revolution”, concluded the company

Regarding respect for customers, the statements of CADECA’s Regional Director in Havana on Tuesday say it all: “Customers are all happy and calm in their queue.”

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