NASA reveals the exact time when the sun will die

We know that of course Sun will until death someday, but stars They are put out in a strange way, because when their cycle is over sought to become red giants (a dying star).

This means that when they die, they take everything around them with them, a process that can continue millions of yearsbut this time Container I calculated the exact time the sun goes through this process.

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According to the space agency The Sun It will be extinct in 5 million yearswhich seems like a long time, but in fact, given the age of many planets and stars, it is not slip For such a long time.

Trying to recover all files energy Which has been losing over the years, our star has been absorbing the planets it was carrying, the group of bodies that we know Solar System.

What is planetary immersion?

According to the space portal, the red giant is the last stage of the star, that is, the moment of its death.

When the extinction process begins, the celestial body becomes larger by consuming all the gases within it, in an effort to regain its lost energy. This process is a level before a Supernova.

So, specifically, planetary immersion is when a star, at the moment of its death, devours the planets of its solar system and other bodies around it. meteorites also Kites.

After some time, a few million years, the sun can no longer stand the lack of energy and explodes, a phenomenon Container Described as one of the most violent existing in the universe.

So inevitably, our sun will devour all the planets, including Earth, within five million years, of course, according to NASA.

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