JetBlue is promoting the “Big Fall Sale” with one-way trips starting at $39 to US cities.

A JetBlue Airways plane takes off from Los Angeles Airport.

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This week, the airline JetBlue began promoting Autumn flight deals with Prices from $39 for US cities.

Autumn Big Sale reservations Must be completed by August 30th, It applies to flights between September 6 and November 11Except Friday and Sunday.

Restrictions apply and vary for different or additional daysTraveling in a window seat or on blackout dates. Some methods may not work daily or service may start later for window sales. Specify a price for details,” he says, referring to the airline’s promotion.

The New York-based company explained that All offers are under the “Blue Basic” plan. And prices are displayed according to the user’s location.

Flights primarily depart from Newark International Airport in New Jersey, John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia in New York.

From Newark, customers can purchase a one-way ticket to Santiago, Dominican Republic, for $184.

They can also choose One to Miami, Florida, for $39. If you prefer to fly to Boston, MA, the fare starts at $59.

From Newark to Cancun, the set price is $134.

This same price applies to the Mexican city if you decide to fly from JFK.

from the same airport, A trip to Nashville, Tennessee, will cost him $59; to Orlando $79; and New Orleans, Louisiana, $89.

To land in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, from JFK, the fare starts at $184. A little cheaper is to fly to Ontario, CanadaTickets starting at $154.

In the case of San Juan, Puerto Rico, the $109 price tag stands out; While for Kingston, Jamaica, the initial cost is $174.

From LaGuardia you can fly to Denver, Colorado for $99; to Charleston, South Carolina for $59; to Fort Laudardale, Florida, for $74; to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, for $59; to Savannah, Georgia, for $49; Or to Orlando, Florida for $79, among others.

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