Employee reveals that Chipotle charges $4 to refill a glass of soda at a cost of $0.02

From their questionable working conditions or poor hygiene practices, to changing ingredients or disposing of food in good condition; Now the best secrets of the fast food industry are being widely and regularly revealed by TikTok users.

The Chipotle sign hangs outside a chain of restaurants in Pittsburgh. AP Photo / Keith Srakocic

It’s no surprise to anyone. A large portion of the employees at these restaurants are young or part of the Generation Z category, and many of them apply to non-experienced jobs to save money during the summer. And they are basically the most productive on TikTok.

Born into a digital world, this generation is highly interconnected and tends to show off their creativity on the Internet, create their own content and strengthen their network of followers. It also calls for public condemnation of what they consider to be toxic or harmful in their work environments.

Chipotle under controversy on TikTok

A video that has already garnered more than 1.1 million views on the platform grabbed the headlines this week to show how Chipotle, a Mexican food company based in Los Angeles and about 3,000 locations in the US, charges $4 for a cup of soft drink that reportedly costs the company 0.02 dollars only.

The story was revealed live by a young Bay Area employee in San Francisco, California.

Ria, 16 (@daddyria12) posted on TikTok on August 19 where she said, “Me, when I see a customer refill their water glasses with soda, knowing that it costs the company 2 cents and we charge about $4.”

In the background, you can hear a clip of Ariana Grande’s song accompanying Rhea’s carefree sketch: “If you want it, take it(If you want it, take it), from the song “Break Free”.

“If you haven’t done it yourself, you’ve certainly seen others taking drinking glasses from dispensers and filling them with sodas that cost more,” the Daily Dot reported.

Long story short, Rhea admitted that she looks the other way when clients do this. And in the comments people had a lot to say about it. Many have asserted that they actually refill their glasses “all the time” without being seen.

One user wrote: “I feel like we should all collectively agree that we don’t care when people steal our company jobs.” Another added, “Well, when they charge $15 for a salad, of course I’ll get a free soft drink.”

While someone said that filling water glasses with other drinks and not causing trouble is an “unspoken agreement” between them and Chipotle workers, “Some of you guys are acting like I’m going to come out with your paycheck in person.”

Man pouring soft drink, sparkling water, ice cold, cola soft drink

Soda machine Photo: Getty Images

“Once the cashier made me pay after you caught me putting soda in my water glass,” one person said in the comment box. “I immediately yelled at Chipotle for doing this…I would say I was too shocked,” they added.

According to an article in the specialized magazine Mashed, most soft drinks are sold with a profit margin of up to 90%. “The high profit margins of soft drinks are one reason why fast food restaurants are able to provide inexpensive options such as dollar menus,” the report says.

The latest ‘scandal’ on Wendy’s TikTok

Also last week, a video of a Wendy employee went viral showing some unsanitary related conditions, including a moldy stove inside the store. His video also got nearly a million views.

In the original video, Jose G Martinez Jr (@happyweed6981) allegedly appears behind the scenes of the kitchen at a fast food restaurant in Saint Petersburg, Florida. “That’s what they were eating,” he said in the footage.

The camera pans over what appears to be patches of green and white mold strewn across the stove. “They don’t know how to clean that shit properly,” he says.

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