The first mobile phone with a 12000 mAh battery: You can actually buy it

from China The first phone with a 12000 mAh battery. This device arrives as one of the most exciting at the moment, releasing a huge battery, a powerful design, and some interesting features. Moreover, despite its characteristics, it is smart phone economic for all that it offers. He even holds a US military certificate!

The brand you make is Dojione of the top companies when it comes to Powerful Smartphones or indestructible. Now they not only want cell phones that can withstand almost everything, but can also last for days without going through a charger.

Doogee S89: 12,000 mAh battery and several days of autonomy

This device is designed for the most demanding users, both in terms of battery life and the durability of the device itself. The most amazing thing once you see it is its design: it has a body Fully DurableWeird camera module and LED lights in the back.

But without a doubt the most important thing about this device is the battery. Includes 12,000 mAh cell. Yes, no more and no less than 12000 mAh. It’s 3 or 4 times the battery it usually has smart phone conventional, so these numbers can be extrapolated to independence.

It’s probably one of the Phones with more autonomy It has been made before, so it is ideal to take camping, as a secondary mobile device or for risky jobs. Your military degree qualifies you for almost any position.

Can Dip and hit and treat as bad as you want. It’s built to resist and survive virtually extreme mode. If you have a risky job or you like to go out into the mountains, this could be your perfect smartphone.

And no, it won’t lack hardware. east Doogee S89 It has 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage and a processor MediaTek Helio P90. It’s designed to be playable while being efficient and powerful with all the applications you want.

it’s a Off-road mobile In all respects: it is used for almost anything and allows any kind of treatment.

You can now buy it at the best price

This was put up for sale today. Doogee S89 After several months of leaks and advertisements. The company launched it with an indisputable offer for all those interested: You can save a file 50% of the price.

From today until August 26 Doogee S89 is available at a 50% discount. Also, if you are one of the first 200 buyers, you can take advantage of an additional discount of €10.

You can buy it on their AliExpress page or also from their Doogeemall website. If you need more information about this Doogee S89 12000mAh From the battery you can visit the product information page.

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